Do you love sailing? Have you ever dreamed with working in a boat? Yacht, speedboats, catamarans… they are waiting for you! Don´t miss the next job offers.

PAPILLON CHARTER An important charter company that is hiring for 2015 season in Ibiza. Captains, sailors, hostesses, maintenance, graphic designers, cleaners… If you like the boats world and you are interested in working, this is your chance!

Work at Papillon Charter

Instructions for working in Papillon Charter. Send an email to with your resume (CV) and write in the subjet what you are applying for. GOOD LUCK!


NEW OFFER!! Boat mechanic. To handle the maintenance of the fleet of Papillon Charter as well as ensuring the check-in and check-out of clients. Sailboats and motor experience is needed and of course … who likes the world of boats. Subject: CV Mechanic boats


Captains. Titulation PPER and experience needed. Subjet: CV Captains.

Sailors. Titulation and experience needed. Subjet: CV Sailors.

Hostesses. Experience needed. Subjet: CV Hostesses.

Maintenance. Experience needed. Subjet: CV Maintenance.

Graphic designers. Experience needed. Subjet: CV Graphic designers.

Cleaners. Experience needed. Subjet: CV Cleaners.

And the most important thing, you must like boats world.

More informatión about Papillon Charter  HERE

Good luck!


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