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AyudaenibizaIbiza residents webpage. Information about Ibiza, job offers, rental offers in Ibiza, the best leisure activities on the island… Following a great amount of dedication and effort, the project evolved from a simple idea into a reality.

Behind Ayudaenibiza.com there is a team of professionals with one common objective: to be able to help those looking to make it in Ibiza, much like they did. All the information you find on this site is based on first-hand experience. If you have any questions or wish to share your adventures on Ayudaenibiza, write us an email to: who we are? info@ayudaenibiza.com, and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

Ayudaenibiza.com, like many other great ideas, came about during an evening of drinks between good friends

Alba García Fernández-Pacheco

Who we areCopywriter & editor

Email: alba@ayudaenibiza.com

Born in Manzanares (Ciudad Real) in 1988. A lover or the written word and communication in all its forms, Alba studied journalism, public relations and advertising. She has worked in written, digital and radio media, specialising in tourist communication. She lives and works on the island and for her, ayudaenibiza.com is the best way to express what Ibiza means in her life.

Hugo García Machado

Who we are Photo editor and producer / web designer

E-mail: hugo@ayudaenibiza.com

Born in 1987 and originally from Estepona. Hugo is a passionate traveller and entrepreneur who decided to dedicate his life to the hospitality  industry by studying tourism. Hugo has traversed Europe in search of knowledge and adventure, finally deciding to settle  down in Ibiza, where he has lived and worked since 2010. He loves getting to know people and, with this project, hopes to help those , who like him have decided to make a space for themselves in Ibiza.

Luis López Rodríguez

Who we areVideoblogger

E-mail: luis@ayudaenibiza.com

Born in Malaga in 1987 and a native of Estepona, Luis loves new technologies, traveling and surrounding himself with the best work and social atmosphere. He has dedicated his life to the hospitality sector, working both in and outside of Spain, until he finally settled in Ibiza, a place he has come to love and where he currently works and resides.

The Ayudaenibiza.com family is growing! New collaborators have join he project, sharing with us their enthusiasm and great ideas. Would you like to join the team?  

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