If a friend calls you some day, not sure about going to Ibiza to work or not, tell her to go. There are decisions you make that totally change your life, she realised this and without knowing it, so did I.

After a rainy and beer-filled goodbye, I was already planning my trip out to see her.

She told me all about her trip over on the phone. Surrounded by suitcases, the long wait for internet, how she set up her new home, and her first few days of work. With time and a whole lot of effort she began to find her place on the island.

After a few months the summer holidays finally arrived. I would cross the country from north to south with my final destination being Ibiza. My first point of call wasn’t all I thought it would be, and I began to think of forgetting my trip to the Balearics, but thanks to a friendly threat from my neo-Ibizan counterpart, I landed on the island that night. She presented me to her work mates, and over a few beers, I realised that I was in right place.

When Ibiza changed our lives

For 10 days, we stepped upon forgotten coves, ate pasta on the sand more than 6 times a week, we got lost in Formentera, we danced between glass after glass of cocktails, we jumped around at Usuahia, Amnesia and in the most forgotten of bars. I realised that you can fall around Dalt Vila if you don’t wear the right shoes, that the car boot is the wardrobe of the people who live there and that at night you can see shooting stars that will leave you breathless.

While we were waiting in the airport, I knew that she had found in Ibiza, her place in this world, a family and without realising it… Love. Right then and there I knew that something similar was happening to me too.

Original text by: Cristina Muñoz


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