Umami Ibiza Sushi & Bentó is heaven on earth for Sushi lovers and Japanese food lovers; the perfect place to enjoy the specialties of the authentic Japanese cuisine in Ibiza. This little takeaway restaurant is located in Sant Jordi and their menu stands out for its variety and its prices.  

Mario and Carlos are in charge of Umami Ibiza Sushi & Bentó. Their business adventure started in August 2017. They were inspired by their passion for Japanese food and by their wide experience working in the best kitchens in Ibiza and outside the island. Knowledge + experience + passion has been their simple formula which, a few months after their opening has made Umami a special place for all Japanese food lovers on Ibiza island.

Umami Ibiza Sushi
Umami team: Mario y Carlos

We all know that rumor flies when you do things right, especially in Ibiza. It is not rare to find devoted clients of Umami, people who come from the other side of the island exclusively to enjoy their delicious food. Their main ingredients include local products of the highest quality, and their kindness when it comes to attending their clients is remarkable. Carlos and Mario, along with their team always welcome clients with a smile and are always eager to guide people through the experience in order to make it unforgettable.

A lot more than sushi

Every dish on Umami’s menu stands out for its creativity and the merging of its flavors.  Mario and Carlos are able to perfectly combine innovation and international techniques don’t forget to try out their signature nigiri.

Aside from their wide variety of sushi rolls, futomaki and hosomaki, Umami’s menu also has a wide selection of salads and appetizers (we highly advise you to try out their miso soup and the poke Umami). If you decide to go to the restaurant, we invite you to try out their temaki (they don’t recommend ordering them if you are asking for a delivery, as the seaweed may spoil). As for their selection of drinks, you can find Japanese beer, as well as different kinds of sake and other Japanese liquors, such as plum liquor. The perfect ending to this experience is definitively their desserts, we recommend trying their flaó Umami (a fusion of a local dessert with a Japanese touch) and their green tea tiramisú.

What started as a small restaurant in Sant Jordi, planned as a takeaway restaurant, has quickly become one of the best Japanese restaurants of the island. They have only four tables and they are not enough for their many clients who choose to eat in the restaurant, while they watch Mario, Carlos and their team create their dishes. If you wish to order your food to go, they have deliveries only at night, you can pick up your food at the restaurant if you order during the day.


-The creativity, authenticity and the delicious flavor of each dish.

– How friendly and kind the whole team is.

-Their prices.

TELEPHONE: 686 65 18 44 – 600 27 15 55


SCHEDULE:  from 13:00 to 15:30 and from 20:00 to 23:30. They are closed on Sundays at noon.



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