If you’ve just moved to Ibiza or you’re planning some holidays on the island, take note of  the Top Ten Ibiza’s Phone Apps. This article isn’t about plugging your phone up with applications, but we’re sure that some of these might come in useful at some stage of your stay.

1 Island and Beach Guides

The traditional guide books have fallen out of favour for the most part and in their place smartphone guide apps managed to fill that gap in the marketplace. Many of these apps are free, with a few others at very still quite prices. The most critically acclaimed among these guide apps include Beaching APP, Ibiza Formentera (covering the Pitiusas in full), Ibiza Secret Beach (ideal for seeking out the most secluded of beaches: €0.99) and Guía de IbizaTM2IBIZA A new interesting APP in wich you can find general information about Ibiza, best beaches, updated calendar of events…

APPs sobre IbizaIbiza’s Phone AppsIbiza’s Phone AppsIbiza’s Phone AppsIbiza’s Phone Apps



2 For Electro Music Fans

If Electro music is your thing, don’t wait any longer and download the radio applications of the sweetest sounding tunes of the island. Both Ibiza Sónica and Ibiza Global Radio make use of their very own radio-app platform, on which you can listen to their programmes live, often broadcasting from the very best parties on the island, something which might serve to put you in the mood even before touching down in Ibiza.Ibiza’s Phone AppsIbiza’s Phone Apps


3 Transport

If you use public transport in Ibiza you’ll probably find the Ibiza Bus App very useful. It offers information on timetables, routes, stops, maps, night clubs and ferries without having to be connected to the net. Price €0.99Ibiza’s Phone Apps


4 Information for Clubbers

If your goal here in Ibiza is to give it your all at the Islands parties and night clubs, but you’re not too familiar with the island, you’re going to need a bit of help. In the off chance that you don’t have a one of those friends who selflessly explains where to go and when (and no the guys and girls handing out flyers on the street don’t count), Ibiza Party Radar and What Happens in Ibiza (both free) are two apps that will certainly help you find the best leisure-time activities no matter the hour.Ibiza’s Phone AppsIbiza’s Phone Apps


5 Eat Well and at a Good Price

Eating in Ibiza doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. However, if you don’t search well, you will find yourself paying above the normal price. If you don’t have much of an appetite for trawling through the streets searching for a cheap meal, then download Menú del día Ibiza, in which you’ll find restaurants with daily offers in the neighbourhood you choose.Ibiza’s Phone Apps

If you download any of them, do not hesitate in writting us what do you think about them! 😉

Translated by: Éamon Heavey



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