Situated in the south east of the island of Ibiza, Es Vedrá is host to limitless mysteries, legends and curiosities. A favourite among tourists and locals alike, Es Vedrá, as well as the islets of Es Vendranell and Ponent, was declared a natural reserve in 2002.

In this post we present a collection of The Myths and Legends of Es Vedrá, which makes it one the most enigmatic regions of the Pitiusas.

The Myths and Legends of Es Vedrá
Photo: Hugo García

1 The Triangle of Silence

Various investigators maintain that Es Vedrá, as well as al Peñón de Ifach (Calpe) and the south east coast of Mallorca make up the an area which has been christened the “triángulo del Silencio” (Triangle of Silence). This area is said to share similar characteristics with the world-famous Bermuda Triangle. This may explain some of the paranormal occurrences that we’ll outline further along in the article.

2 Lights and Strange Sightings in the Water

There are numerous local fisherman that insist having seen “strange lights and objects leaving and entering the waters around Es Vedrá”

The Myths and Legends of Es Vedrá
Photo: JMP Photography

3 Underwater Noises

Many swimmers (among them, José Amengual, Spanish underwater hunting champion) are adamant that they’ve heard loud sub-marine noises in the area, noticing massive shoals of fish changing direction in response to them.

4 Centre of Energy

According to experts, the rock of Es Vedrá is one of the strongest centres of magnetic forces in the world, similar to the pyramids of Egypt and the moai statues on Easter Island. Just like these places Es Vedrá has extraordinary energy-accumulating properties. (Surely you’ve heard, more than once, about the buzz around Ibiza). What does appear certain is that the magnetic fields around Es Vedrá disorientate birds’ flight patterns and interfere with boats’ and planes’ radars, explaining why captains often avoid coming close to the islet.

The Myths and Legends of Es Vedrá

5 Unidentified Flying Objects

The stuff of myths and legends. Rumours surrounding Es Vedrá go as far as to say that there is a UFO base hidden under its waters. Many people claim to have seen unidentified flying object hovering over the great mass of stone. Ibizans aren’t quick to forget the famous “Manises” incident either, when, in 1979, a plane was made divert its course as a result of “being accosted by a series of red lights directed towards it” right in front of the island of Es Vedrá.

The Myths and Legends of Es Vedrá
The Myths and Legends of Es Vedrá

6 Apparitions of the Virgin Mary

The religious and divine can’t escape the mystery of the island of Es Vedrá either. Fr Palau (founder of Es Cubells) was a Carmelite missionary that often went on spiritual retreats in the caves close to the Island. Palau claims to have borne witness to many sightings of the Virgin Mary in these places.

7 Inspiration for musicians, artists and filmmakers

Undoubtedly, Es Vedra is one of the most magical and striking corners of Ibiza, and has therefore served as inspiration for many artists..To countless paintings that have been done on this, we must add its appearance in movies like  ‘Caótica Ana’ by Julio Medem and ‘More  as well, as on the cover of the album ‘The Voyager’, the famous musician Mike Oldfield, who Es Vedra served as inspiration for the composition of this album.

The Myths and Legends of Es Vedrá
Cover of the album “Voyager”

The Myths and Legends of Es Vedrá is one of the 50 essential things we suggest to do in Ibiza. What else?

Original text by: Alba Garcia


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