To celebrate a special occasion or to surprise your partner. We’ve put together a list of the 5 most romantic restaurants in Ibiza to help you special night to be that bit more special. Some of these restaurants will stay closed during the winter, but others such as Calma, La Brasa or Las Puertas del Cielo are perfect for a romantic winter evening, such as St Valentine’s Day.

1 Calma (Ibiza) 

If you are willing to have a romantic evening with a beautiful view, you should consider this restaurant. Located in the port of Ibiza, next to the Lío nightclub, Sa Calma offers a perfect panoramic view of Dalt Vila and the port of Ibiza. It is open all the year long, offering a delicious selection of paellas and fishes from Ibiza.

most romantic restaurants in Ibiza
Photo: Tripadvisor

2 La Brasa (Ibiza): For those seeking a romantic setting, this restaurant is an absolute classic. With a carefully chosen and varied menu boasting a huge emphasis on Mediterranean cuisine, you’ll find this lovely restaurant in the old quarter of Ibiza. Worth booking a table on the terrace even in winter, as its heaters always keep you warm.

most romantic restaurants in Ibiza

3 Sa Capella (Santa Agnes Street): Of all the restaurants on this list, Sa Capella is probably the most visually stunning for those who pass through its doors. The main dining area is found in the Romanesque chapel of St Agnes (XVIII Century). On it’s menu you’ll find Meat, fish and vanguard dishes which do not disappoint. Sa Capella is simply one of those restaurants that you have to visit, regardless of its price.

most romantic restaurants in Ibiza
Photo: Sa Capella

4 Las Puertas del Cielo (Santa Agnes): It’s not the first time that we’ve mentioned this restaurant on this site. Situated at one of the most impressive viewpoints of Ibiza, known to locals as Sa Penya Esbarrada. It is an ideal location to eat during winter, and we strongly suggest sitting at the table that little bit longer to make the most of the spectacular sunsets, or the chance to eat in the open air during the summer. On its menu you’ll find the dishes made with the finest ingredients and with a emphasis on local cuisine.

most romantic restaurants in Ibiza
Photo: Las puertas del cielo

5 Amante (Sol d’en Serra): Locked away in the rustic setting of Sol d’en Serra bay, Amante is another of those restaurants on the pricier side which deserves at least one visit, so as to enjoy that which surrounds it. Its menu brings together international dishes of various origins, with a certain Mediterranean touch. Only open during the winter and summer months, it’s the perfect restaurant to celebrate any occasion. To guarantee the most romantic of atmospheres, avail of a private table (by reservation only) in a small Bali-style beach hut right by the sea.

most romantic restaurants in Ibiza
Photo: Amante

Original text by: Alba Garcia


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