Not everything is party and craziness during summer. There is another Ibiza, one you may not have heard about. Ibiza for the whole family, a more attractive Ibiza from my point of view, since kids are also welcome.

Ibiza has nature and peaceful beaches and coves, Ibiza has restaurants and family friendly establishments. There are endless possibilities for everyone who wants to enjoy interesting and fun family activities, even during this time of the year.

Today we present you with a choice that you may take from early morning, you will only need a towel, sunblock, swimsuits and a mini fridge to store water and food. Our plan consists of having breakfast at Can Llorenç + playa del Pirata Calo + sunset at Sant Josep.

If you tell your kids you are taking them to a sophisticated brunch including tea, eggs with salmon and carrot cake, they may not be so excited. However if you tell them you will start the day with homemade chocolate fritters at Sant Josep, they may have a different reaction.

That’s exactly how our day starts, having breakfast in Can Llorenç’s terrace, enjoying their delicious chocolate fritters which are only available on Sundays.

plans for kids in Ibiza

After enjoying such a delicious breakfast, we take the car and drive to Playa del Pirata Calo. Don’t try to find the name in Google, this beach can’t be found on a map because it is the name given by my kids to this singular place which is part of the Comte beaches and that surely has its own name.

If your kids like to watch marine species and staying in the water for a long time, this may be the perfect place for them. It has a mysterious cave so that you can make up stories about it. It is usually a quiet place and there is enough space among the fishermen houses to set up a towel and rest between baths.

plans for kids in Ibiza

In order to get there, you should leave your car on the right side of the Ses Roques restaurant parking lot and then walk towards La Torre d’en Rovira going around the cliff. Soon we will see the typical fishermen houses surrounding Ibiza’s coastline and some stairs with a wooden handrail. We must climb them down slowly and we arrive at our “secret spot”

After taking a few baths, watching the variety of marine species, eating the delicious picnic we’ve prepared and, hearing the pirate stories we made up, we can call it a day and come back to enjoy an ice cream or a refreshing drink in one of the many establishments of Sant Josep. Usually, Sant Josep’s stores have reasonable prices, find those that look like they have always been there. You will probably find a small 50 cent difference per item compared to the prices you may be used to (including ice cream).

plans for kids in Ibiza

Ibiza is a place which has a lot to offer to the whole family. This is only a choice of the many we have provided and we will continue to do so.


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