Located on the east coast of Ibiza, S´Estanyol is the most isolated beach within a reasonable distance to the capital city, despite belonging to the municipality of Santa Eulalia del Río.

A visit here affords you the chance to take in a truly beautiful indigenous landscape, surrounded by a substantial pine tree forest. S´Estanyol sea floor is made up of small stone and gravel, as such it’s suggested you take along a pair of sea boots for swimming.

Photos: Irene Arango


Dimensions: Length  50 m. Width  25 m.

Facing: Southeast.

Land: Natural sand of tan color. Rocky areas

Sea-floor: Rocks and gaps with some sandy areas.

Environment: Natural.

Of interest: The access road is not in good condition, there is a snack bar for drinks and food.

How to get to S´Estanyol?:

In the link below you will find more than 50 beaches that make up the entire coastline of Ibiza island: Ibiza from Beach to Beach.

Photos: Irene Arango


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