Protected by dunes and a large pine forest, the beach of Ses Salines is one of the most popular in Ibiza. Athletes and celebrities from all over the planet can be found on its shores every summer. Its fine white sand and clear waters are the sources of its popularity. In Ses Salines we find some of the most famous beach bars on the island, although most only cater to a select budget.

Ses Salines
Photo: Hugo Garcia

Those looking to avoid the typical hustle and bustle of Ses Salines will find their place in the coves hidden at the end of the beach. In these coves, found near the beaches end (just by the watchtower) we find particularly clear waters, the small coves offering a real oasis of peace, though realise that given its seclusion it can sometimes be frequented by nudists.


Dimensions:  Length 1500m. Width 25m.

Facing: South.

Land: Fine and golden sand.

Sea-floor: Sand with low depth.

Environment: Natural.

Of interest: It has a few restaurants along his beach.

How to get to Ses Salines?:

In the link below you will find more than 50 beaches that make up the entire coastline of Ibiza island: Ibiza from Beach to Beach.


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