Hello everyone! I’m going to give you a brief illustrated guide to booking your appointment with the INEM, SEPE, and SOIB here in Ibiza. This will help you avoid long boring queues, making two trips instead of one, but above all stop you from wasting your precious time.

The first thing you must know before booking your appointment with INEM, SOIB and SEPE is the meaning of each of the acronyms:

INEM: National Institute of Employment.

SOIB: Occupational Services of the Balearic Islands

SEPE: Public State Employment Service


The first thing you’ll have to do is register yourself as a job seekers in the SOIB. Below are five illustrations which give a step by step on how to book your appointment.

SEPE INEM and SOIB appointments

  • This page is where you select what type of appointment you’re looking to make (demand, group training or orientation), and to which office on the Balearic Islands you wish to apply. Choose: Demand, Ibiza and Ibiza; as shown in the photo.

SEPE INEM and SOIB appointments

  • Then you must fill in your personal details and press continue to confirm your appointment at the SOIB.

SEPE INEM and SOIB appointments

  • And you’re done! On screen you will see the date and time of the next available appointment. If these details suit, click continue and… presto! You’ve just booked your appointment at the SOIB.

SEPE INEM and SOIB appointments


Once you’ve successfully registered as a jobseeker, the next step is to apply for unemployment benefit (Paro). To do so, you must make your appointment at the SEPE. This can be done in five simple steps.

SEPE INEM and SOIB appointments

  • Click on the link below marked with a red arrow to begin the booking process. at the SEPE.

SEPE INEM and SOIB appointments

  • In this step you are asked for the postal code of your local SEPE office (in this case is Ibiza it’s 07800) plus your DNI, NIF or NIE. There are several services bookable. To request the appointment in the SEPE, you have to select “Solicitudes de prestaciones contributivas, subsidios y PREPARA” (Applications for contributory benefits, subsidies and PREPARE) as shown in the image. Finally you will have to enter in a randomly generated code, and once entered click “accept”.

SEPE INEM and SOIB appointments

  • As this image shows, the system selects the Eivissa benefits office and asks you to fill in your details (first and last name). When you’ve added your details click “Accept”, and you’re almost at the end of the application process, cheer up!!

SEPE INEM and SOIB appointments

  • Congratulations! On this screen we see the suggested appointment details. If you are happy with the timings you need only confirm the SEPE appointment details.

SEPE INEM and SOIB appointments

Important things you have to consider when requesting your INEM SEPE and SOIB appointments.

  • You cannot apply for employment benefit until you register as a Jobseeker at the SOIB.
    • First request an appointment at the SOIB.
    • Then request an appointment at the SEPE.
    • Assure that the appointment in the SOIB is before your appointment with the SEPE.
  • Normally getting an appointment with the SEPE takes longer than with the SOIB (keep trying until you get a time and date that suits you best) if you get an appointment on the same day you’ll only you have to go to the office once.
  • Be early when you go to your appointment at the INEM, SEPE and SOIB, it is better to have to wait a little bit longer to be seen than to arrive late and lose the appointment altogether.
    • When you get to the offices, as you enter, on your left hand side you’ll see a document listing all of the day’s appointments by personal document number (DNI, NIE or NIF. Look for your name and number and check how much longer you have to wait.

I hope you’ve found this guide to booking your INEM SEPE and SOIB appointments useful. Do not hesitate to visit the complete list of companies that have contacted Ayudaenibiza, offering work on the island here, or go to the Ibiza forum where you’ll find daily updates of job offerings on the White Isle.

SEPE y SOIB office address at Ibiza


Good luck to everybody!!

Original text by: Hugo García


  1. Hello, i have a question , i don’t have green NIE but living in Ibiza and been working for 3 seasons and I would like to claim paro while I’m searching for winter job but in the SOIB office they said that i can’t claim paro without green NIE (residency) but to get residency i need work contract. Also i heard that one of the options is to get private medical insurance policy….is anyone knows if i can apply for residency just with medical insurance policy instead ? And if I’m paying life insurance at my bank maybe it will work too ?

    Thanks in advance.
    Kind Regards

    • Hey Alex, thanks for your comment. I have no idea about this stuff, anyway let me share you my opinion. To beging with you should get your residency by asking your house owner to sing it for you (It´s an oficial Hometown .doc) With this doc you should be able to get your green NIE. Also, try to get your old contracts from the last business you´ve been working. With all this stuff you should be able to fix it…. (I think)

      Let´s keep in touch and see if you can fix it
      Regards 😉

  2. Hi Hugo, Thanks for the reply , i find out that there is only 2 options 1) 6000 euros on your account + Medical insurance (could be private) or anther option is to have valid work contract.
    I have that paper from Ayuntamiento but in the police they said that i also should have work contract.

    Kind Regards.

  3. Thanks. This was very helpful. Do you know the required procedure if leaving Spain on holiday ? I have informed them I have left but not sure which appointments to book to inform them of my return.


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