There exists a place in Ibiza where time has no meaning. An Ibiza which brings together the best that it’s past, present and future has to offer, Displaying pride in its cultures, history and natural beauty…

Many call it the authentic Ibiza, and while we don’t argue that all parts of Ibiza could be considered so, it is undeniable that the area of Santa Eulalia del Río (east of the island) shows that peaceful Ibiza, which throughout generations, has seduced those who’ve visited it. From the first hippies who settled in the area during the 60s, to the thousands of tourists who choose it as their holiday destination each year. Santa Eulalia is the piece of Ibiza that you taste little by little and allow to simmer at a low heat.

Santa Eulalia del Río
All the ways head to Santa Eulalia del Río – Photo: Hugo García

Those who seek tranquillity, nature and a sense of inner peace, will find their mecca in Santa Eulalia del Río (or Santa Eulària d’es Riu as it’s known to its locals) It’s a genuine pleasure to take a leisurely stroll through the municipality, stopping off in some of the many beaches and some of the 5 main urban areas: Puig d’en Valles, Jesús, Santa Gertrudis, San Carlos and Santa Eulalia.

A river, a hill and a hippy market

Santa Eulalia has it all: its hill, the Puig de Misa, crowned by its golden chapel, and which welcomes travellers as they enter the town gates. Gates which were once guarded and served as protection against Pirates. The cities renowned hippy markets can also be found in this area: That of Las Dalias (located in San Carlos, one of the most enchanting towns of the whole island). That of Cala Llenya (which is held every Sunday of the year, located at the cove from which it gets its name), and also the Es Canar Hippy Market, among other.

Santa Eulalia del Río
The bridge – Photo: Hugo García

The only river on the island (The River of St. Eulalia) also travels through this part of the island. It springs in Es Amunts (close to San Mateo) and it descends a length of 17 km before finally running out into the Ocean at Santa Eulalia beach. Of course we cannot overlook the beautiful town of Santa Gertrudis de Fruitera which, given its central location on the island, remains one of the few towns to have successfully preserved its agricultural heritage. There are a large number of bars and cafes surrounding St Gertrudis’ ever-animated town square, where you can witness the curious mixture of the various cultures occupying the surrounding areas.

Beaches and Coves that dreams are made of

If there’s one thing you can be sure of, it’s that Santa Eulalia knows what good beaches are the municipality boasts beaches suited to all tastes. For those seeking peace and tranquillity, try any one of the many small secluded rocky coves, in the most Mediterranean of fashions, such as Cala Mastella, Cala Olivera or S’Estanyol. Or try one of the nudist beaches such as Aguas Blancas, which possesses unequalled beauty in the form of the contrasting colours of its turquoise waters, Green Vegetation, and the brown and reds of the imposing cliffs, which act as protectors of the cove. And we cannot forget of course, Cala Boix, the only black sand cove on the whole island, definitely one of the most interesting of beaches to visit.

Santa Eulalia del Río
Cala Nova – Photo: Hugo García

Santa Eulalia is of course on of the best places to travel for children. Many of its beaches possess the necessary amenities to make the visit a pleasurable one for both the adults and the children. These include Cala Nova, Cala Llonga, Cala Martina… among others.

Santa Eulalia del Río is the perfect option for those looking to see that other side of Ibiza, with its hidden secrets and natural wonders. Those who flee from the crowds and the noise, and strive to experience the essence of Ibiza. It is a place which removes the urgency and demands it’s enjoyed “on a low heat.

Santa Eulalia del Río
Cala Boix – Photo: Hugo García

Translated by: Eamon Hèavey


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