With a huge buzz and heaps of imagination, Sankeys Ibiza opens its doors with a Movie premier ala Star Wars the force awakens (Sankeys Style). With David Vincent welcoming the summer and the good music , hosting a line-up headlined by Steve Lawler, Kink and Kölsch.

The music paves the path to the dark side of Sankeys, where we’re teleported to the land of energetic electic dance of the club.


The day started well on the Sunday eve ning of the first of May, Sankeys Ibiza opened its doors to the delight of all, spoiling us with its fantastic terrace, and the notable good atmosphere. The senses were elated by the spectacular Barbeque-style spread, laid out free of charge topped with the feminine musical wiles of Lisa Chadderton, Alice Clark and Marta DLM and Stephanie Rosse, supported by the the women all around them, the public rejoiced in the fun filled antics, and the slight “underground” undertones.

Sankeys Ibiza
Photo: David Holderbach


The nighttime came and the basement heaved out the impecible sounds, heaps of LED lights and a floor that vibrated to every note that resident DJ, Manu gonzález, churned out. he gave the antonian public a mobving underground session leaving them in little doubt that this was his house, Ibiza.

Followed by the new kid on the scene fresh from Englnd, Lee Walker, new to Sankeys Ibiza but with a consolidated rep in the UK, giving it his all and keeping the rhythm flowing. Headlining the night and leading the Sankeys Ibiza party warriors, Steve Lawler started from scratch, to start the session with some dancey rhythms, followed by some touches of groove and and moving on to the electronic styles he’s better known for.

To finish off Kolsch, with a glorious musical career and following their huge success across the Ants party series, made the very room shake on the d’en Bossa beach side room vibrate like never before, with the public giving it their all to the themes of the night:

Dexter’ – Ricardo Villalobos

‘The man with the red face’ – Laurent Garnier

Sankeys Ibiza
Photo: David Holderbach


In the Lab room, a big highlight was “Kink” who astounded the crowds passing cutting right through them with his musical genius. As always, he left us wanting more. While Kink was packing up, resident Michael Campbell continued to fire up the party warriors and finishing the night to a fired up crowd astounded by this underground hit.

Sankeys Ibiza
Foto: David Holderbach

Sankeys Ibiza is worth a visit, and has been building a strong reputation amongst both locals and tourists looking for a good night. Its rooms are, musically, to a very high standard. We have just seen their weekly line up for the holiday season, and it looks good. We can’t wait to see the upcoming performances, littered with the up and coming DJs, bringing their creativity and fresh ideas.

Coming soon…all the daily line-ups for Sankeys Ibiza this season 😉

Translated by: Éamon Heavey


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