Have you ever dreamed about sailing around Ibiza and Formentera? This is one of our most recommended experiences for tourists, as well as for residents who sometimes are not aware of the natural treasures located on the islands. In case you don’t know, many of the best spots on the island can only be accessed by sea.

If you wish to sail with us, we invite you to read this article where we tell you about everything you need to rent a sailboat with your friends in Ibiza for a low cost. Arr, sailors! These are our ten spots in Ibiza you cannot miss during a boat trip around Ibiza and Formentera:

  1. Cala d’ Hort: it is one of Ibiza’s most famous beaches, mainly because of the famous Es Vedrà Island. The area around Cala d’Hort Natural Reserve is certainly one of the most interesting places to visit while on a ship; it has some incredible views and a rich seabed, perfect to practice snorkel.
  2. Porroig: this fishermen beach is a natural port. For that reason, there are so many docks where the sailors choose to anchor their ships during summer and wintertime. If you are looking for a quiet place where to enjoy crystal clear waters, Porroig is the place for you.
  3. Cala Bassa: it is one of the favourites of the tourist who visit Ibiza, mainly because of its crystal clear waters and its fine sand. Cala Bassa has a beautiful sea bed formed by posidonia and rocks. It is one of the best places in Ibiza to practice snorkel and water sports. navegar por ibiza y formentera
  4. Cala Comte: you simply cannot miss visiting this heavenly beach if you sail around Ibiza. Cala Comte is the best beach on the entire island, according to many. Probably because of its wonderful sand and its natural pools of crystal clear waters. It is also an ideal spot to enjoy the sunset, secure the ship for a while and have a nice meal or a drink in one of its chiringuitos.
  5. Es Portixol: this small beach is one of those hidden spots in Ibiza, perfect to access it by sea. Portixol is so small that bigger ships cannot get to it; they have to anchor the ship in a nearby dock and get to the beach on a dinghy boat or by swimming. It is all part of Portixol’s charm.
  6. Es Canaret: it is a heavenly beach with blue waters and fine sand. Until recently, it was practically impossible to reach it, the only way of getting there was through a house located near its shore. Luckily, the owners of the house created a path that allows tourist to get to the shore. Nevertheless, Es Canaret is a perfect beach to visit while sailing due to its small size.navegar por ibiza y formentera
  7. Benirrás: if you want to live a unique experience, try a sunset during a summer day in Benirrás from your sailboat, while listening to the traditional drums and enjoying an amazing view. There is a chance that you feel the rhythm of the drums and decide to get to the sand to dance and enjoy the show.
  8. Es Palmador Island: welcome to paradise. No, you are not on a desert island in the Caribbean. You are meters away from Formentera, in Es Palmador, one of the most impressive natural spots of the Pitiusa Islands. If you dream about sailing around Ibiza, you must include this place on your list. Although, you should bear in mind that since it is protected area, you will need to rent a buoy if you plan to anchor ship here.
  9. Illetes (Formentera): this is definitively the most famous beach in Formentera Island. Its name refers to the many islets located around its shore. Many recreational ships drop anchor right in front of the beach during summertime. Its incredible waters painted with an almost impossible blue shade make this place one of the most beautiful spots of Formentera. Because of its size, Illetes is also a perfect ship to drop anchor and take a nice walk along the beach. navegar por ibiza y formentera
  10. Cala Saona: if you decide to sail around Formentera, the small beach of Saona is another spot we recommend you to visit during your trip. You will enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets of Formentera from this beach.

What do you think about our selection of beaches to sail around Ibiza and Formentera? Let us know about your favourites in the comments!


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