Pintxos bars are everywhere in the cosmopolitan city of Ibiza. There’s been a recent upsurge in the number of bars offering local gastronomy in miniature, a pintxo consisting of a high-cuisine mini roll. Here’s a suggested route pintxos Ibiza that is sure to delight your appetite and cater for all budgets.

1 Sa Vida: Only a few months after its April 2016 opening, Sa Vida became the number one restaurant on TripAdvisor, and the would be critics had more than enough reasons to rain praise down on one of the islands best received additions, Here, in the heart of the city of Ibiza, we find tapas, pintchos and quality raciónes at a good price. Angel Ruiz de Pablos and Anatoli Goranov Angelov are the two men in charge, Angel heading up wine and decor, and the Anatoli playing the role of executive chef. Between them they have  created a gastronomic offering, including the best ingredients on the market, with a touch of creative juice, accompanied by a vast wine cellar packed with local and international offering, which should delights those vinofanatics out there.

route pintxos ibiza
Photo: Cesar Cid

2 Pintxos IBIZA: has become one of the most popular destinations for local diners. Every Thursday they celebrate their “big day,” with pinchos and beers at €1. Don’t forget to try their Spanish Omelette, unquestionably a house speciality!

route pintxos ibiza
Route pintxos Ibiza – Pintxos Ibiza

3 Can Terra Ibiza: At a scares few metres more we stumble upon a Basque tavern, whose exquisite cuisine is not only shown in its display of miniatures on the bar top, but also through its extensive menu, which includes some larger items.

Route pintxos Ibiza
Route pintxos Ibiza – Can Terra Ibiza

4 Mar a Vilain the same street we find a restaurant where the pinchos are only a small part of its offering. Its menu incorporates the latest trends in the culinary world, topped off by a wide selection of wine and cava suited to any flavour.

Route pintxos Ibiza
Route pintxos Ibiza – Mar a Vila Ibiza

5 Bidebide Ibiza: This Pinchos bar, which provides the island with an all too rare taste of northern Spanish culture, was one of the first bars to offer the “pintxos” experience in Ibiza. On top of enjoying the selection of tasty treats displayed on their bar top, you can delight yourself with intense and flavoursome incarnations of day-to-day dishes found throughout its menu. You can try dishes like scrambled eggs with blood pudding, and others with more a more cutting edge, like duck breast with pear puree. Irresistible!!

Route pintxos Ibiza
Route pintxos Ibiza – Bidebide Ibiza

6 El Zaguán: We’ll taste the sixth Pintxo of our route in this establishment, which unbelievably boasts a menu of over 400 items. On top of their extensive menu, they highlight their spiced meats and casserole dishes boasting life-long flavours, such as “pimientos de padrón” or “los callos”. This bar also boasts the widest selection of beers, with six different takes on the traditional barley juice.

Route pintxos Ibiza
Route pintxos Ibiza – El Zaguán Ibiza

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Translated by: Éamon Heavey


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