In midsummer, with the massive influx of tourists, prices soar and eating well without having to sell your kidney first can seem like a struggle, but believe us it’s not impossible. Quite simply, something that can be said about Ibiza is that is has something for everyone. It’s just a matter of looking, and looking well.

In this article we’re going to take some of the grunt work out of this task for you and suggest some restaurants where the bill won’t leave you stuck to your seat.

1 Contra Vent: Well known by the residents of Cala de Bou for their excellent daily menus and its family atmosphere. From Monday to Friday,  for just €9.80 options can range from exquisite highly sought after paella (all day Thursday) to top quality salads, meats and fish, supplement with fresh bread and dips to get your mouth moving finished with a drink, dessert or coffee. Each morning the restaurant shares its menu of the day on Facebook as well as information on the live music events which take place on the terrace most Saturday nights.

restaurants to eat in Ibiza
Photo: Contra Vent

2 Sushi House: For those who love Japanese cuisine, in particular its most famous culinary export, sushi, in this small bay of San Antonio, you can find delicious maki, nigiri and uramaki that can be ordered in various tray sizes, never exceeding 10 euros. Of course a ‘veggi sushi tray’ is available to vegetarians also.

restaurants to eat in Ibiza
Photo: Sushi House

3 Hamburguesería Pennsylvania: A genuinely fantastic place for eats, found on the street parallel to the West End of San Antonio. Here you can eat what are probably considered the best hamburgers and sandwiches on the island. A secret formula of spices to season the meat and the great work carried out by the two men at the helm, make this a spot one of the hot eating joints, and luckily for us, prices are reasonable.

restaurants to eat in Ibiza
Photo: Pennsylvania

4 Aquarium de Cap Blanc: Every weekend, at this beautifully decorated aquarium/restaurant located on the road from Cala Gració the staff organise a great big “Sardinada”. The menu includes grilled sardines and Ibiza style payesa salad (drinks and dessert separately) for a price of only 14.50, which also includes admission to the aquarium. Be fair warned, the website recommends booking in advance..

restaurants to eat in Ibiza
Photo: Hugo García

5 Chirincana: Every Sunday this camp site bar, located in Cala Martina (Es Canar) organizes a delicious barbecue down on the beach accompanied by a live music set. Steak and chicken skewers are just some of the options that you can try for less than 12.50. All dishes come with bread and salad. A really nice Sunday experience.

restaurants to eat in Ibiza
Photo: Chirincana

These restaurants to eat in Ibiza could be closed for a short vacation

Translated by: Eamon Heavey


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