Manuel Ariza and Lina Maciezaite have given life this year to ‘Qué hago hoy?’: The new cultural guide of Ibiza. Concerts, exhibitions, events, film screening … In Qué hago hoy?’ each month Manuel and Lina gather the best cultural events the island has to offer, so that you no longer find yourself saying, you can never find anything to do. Advertising an event or activity is completely free.

We interviewed this pair of entrepreneurs in their offices, in the incubator of Ibizan Companies, their new home since the beginning of March 2017, with the aim of growing their idea. Since then, two editions of the guide have hit the streets. Manuel and Lina focus on design, layout, organizing the information, marketing and distributing the guide, all on their lonesome. And all this, on top of their respective jobs.

Qué Hago Hoy
Manuel Ariza y Lina Maciezaite

1 How did the idea come about?

Manuel: it was ourselves that felt this need, that something was missing, and as such the residents of the island were missing out on many events happening thorughout the island. We always seemed to find out late, especially in winter.

Lina: It also came about due to a large amount of free time I ended up having during the winter, between seasons. I was always looking for events and activities: I visited the web pages of the town councils searching for things to do, we were always looking for new plans because we love all kinds of cultural offerings… Before we settled in Ibiza, we had lived in Seville, and there, there were guide books of this Kind. We would occupy ourselves attending all kinds of event and exhibitions … And when we came to Ibiza we tried to do the same, but it was always too late. On top of that, when I’d talk to people, they always asked me where I got so much information about upcoming events. Unconsciously, my own personal schedule had been filled up with the Ibizan cultural schedule: I always wrote down all the events I saw around if I liked the look of them.

We’re not those kind of people who like to stay at home, we like to get out and about.

2 What’s been the most difficult part of setting up so far?

Manuel: The task of gathering all the necessary information is quite difficult due to strict time constraints. We have to collect all the events before the 15th of each month to be able to send it to press in time. On top of all that, we’re totally new in the editorial and cultural fields, everything is new for us: we’ve started from scratch and we are learning every day … Although one of the most difficult things for us has been finding out exactly how the island works: the outcome of almost everything depends on who you know, And it has been a challenge getting to know what doors need opening, to get the help needed to drive our project, given we’re from out of town.

3 What are the next steps of `Qué hago hoy?’

Lina: We are considering the possibility of publishing the guide in English and Spanish next summer. We’ve also thought about developing an ‘Que Hago Hoy? App, and website.

Qué Hago Hoy

4 What kind of events do you want to promote?

Manuel: We try to collect everything that happens in Ibiza, Objectively: from the fiestas to the painting exhibitions … It is a guide that aims to collect all the cultural offering the island can provide. What we’re hoping to create is the little fish that bites its own tail: That we get to a stage where the residents of Ibiza are coming out more because they are aware of the events that are around them, which will in turn encourage businesses to organize more events of a more diverse nature, thus generating more income for themselves. Publishing an event in the guide is completely free.

What really motivates us is the promotion of alternative events: (understanding the word “alternative” to mean that which Ibiza would not typically known for). We want to show the other side of the island.

5 Do you think that it is true that “there is nothing to do during winter in Ibiza”?

Lina and Manuel: Not at all. There’s loads to do in Ibiza in winter, but people just don’t know about it. Concerts, exhibitions … We never get bored in winter. In winter, sometimes you find there are even more events directed at locals.

6 What kind of activities do you miss on the island?

Lina and Manuel: Classical music and opera for example are in scarce supply on the island… Although this perhaps is due to a regrettable lack of infrastructure for such types of events, really only the conference palace of Santa Eulalia could host a Musical event of that calibre. We would also like to see more in terms of theatrical offerings …

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Original text by: Alba Garcia


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