Don’t miss any event this year! Take a look at this public holidays calendar in Ibiza and find the most important dates to celebrate in the different towns of the island.

Organized by months and days the public holidays calendar in Ibiza:

January festive calendar

January 1st: New Year

January 6th: Three Kings Day

January 17th: Sant Antoni festivities

January 21th: Santa Agnès festivities

February festive calendar

February 12th: Santa Eulària festivities

March festive calendar

March 1st: Balearic Islands Day

March 19th: Sant Josep festivities

April festive calendar

April 2nd: Sant Francesc festivities

April 5th: Sant Vicent festivities

April 23th: Sant Jordi festivities

May festive calendar

May 1st: Labor Day

May 2sd:  Puig d’en Valls festivities

June festive calendar

June 24th: Sant Joan festivities

July festive calendar

July 10th: Sant Cristòfol  (Es Canar) festivities

July 16th: Nuestra Señora del Carmen (Ibiza, Sant Antoni and Formentera) festivities

July 25th: Santiago / Sant Jaume festivities

August festive calendar

August 5th: Virgen de las Nieves festivities

August 8th: Sant Ciriac festivities

August 10th: Sant Llorenç de Balàfia festivities

August 15th: Asunción de la Virgen María (Cala Llonga) festivities

August 24th: Sant Bartomeu (Sant Antoni) festivities

August 28th: Sant Agustí festivities

September festive calendar

September 8th: Jesús festivities

September 14th: Santa Creu festivities

September 21th: Sant Mateu festivities

September 29th: Sant Miquel festivities

October festive calendar

October 12th: Hispanic Day and El Pilar (Formentera) festivities

October 24th: Sant Rafel festivities

November festive calendar

November 1st: All Saints Day

November 4th: Sant Carles festivities

November 16th: Santa Gertrudis festivities

December festive calendar

December 6th: Spanish Constitution Day

December 8th: Inmaculada Concepción festivities

December 25th: Christmas Day

We´ll be uploading the Public holiday’s calendar in Ibiza … help us!



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