Since Monday 9th – February – 2015, Ayudaenibiza has been day after day at the service of its readers and that today, add up to more than half a million.

Here we show some of the appearances of Ayudaenibiza in the media.


Thursday 08/03/2018 - They deliver the E-WOMAN prize of digital art and social networks to our copywriter Alba García.

Periódico de Ibiza y Formentera

Saturday 03/02/2018 - Our members collaborate in the cleaning of Ses Salines on the occasion of the World Wetlands Day.


Periódico de Ibiza y Formentera

Friday 02/20/2015 - Interview to the members of the Ayudaenibiza team at its launch "page 6".

Prensa online Ibiza Heute

Tuesday 03/03/2015 - Mention to Ayudaenibiza in its online magazine in the "featured" section.

Prensa online elEconomista

Tuesday 07/04/2015 - Publication of our article "50 things that can be done in Ibiza" in its "Tourism and Travel" section.

IB3 Notícies

Thursday 12/07/2018 - Interview from the TV program IB3 Notícies to the members of Ayudaenibiza.

Loca FM

Monday 06/18/2018 - Interview from Ecoama DJS to our editor Alba Garcia "minute 26:15".

IB3 Radio

Monday 23/02/2015 - Interview from the El Faristol Pitiüses program to the members of Ayudaenibiza.