Do you want to play paddle tennis in Ibiza? Are your partners so lazy you always end up being the one who has to book the court? Does your usual place seem to be always full at the time you need it? We’ll make it easier for you with info about different paddle tennis courts in Ibiza.  Don’t let your game down!

If you’re someone who likes to play paddle tennis in Ibiza, if you wish your opponents a good match before starting the game, if you scream “COME ON!” when you score a point as if you were Rafa Nadal after winning the 5 hour 2008 Wimbledon final, you release all your pent-up rage by hitting the ticket against the poor net, the defenseless trainer or even worse,  a sweaty calf; in this article we put together all of the information you’ll need to reserve a paddle tennis court in Ibiza. In this article we’ve gathered all the necessary information to book a paddle tennis court.

1 Ibiza’s country club – Ibiza club de campo. The go-to club. It provides 6 crystal paddle tennis courts and for the rainy days it has other 6 indoor paddle tennis courts (something really necessary if you play all year long in Ibiza). You’ll also find a cafeteria if you are one of those who only play for the after beer 😉

Telephone: 971 300 088

Address: Ctra. San José Km. 2,5 SN – Sant Josep (Ibiza)

2 Bitfit Ibiza sports club. The trending sports club in Ibiza, it has 5 crystal paddle tennis courts well maintained and one of them is for 1vs1 matches. There’s also a juice bar with several energy drinks in case you need a boost.

Telephone: 971 806 885

Address: C/Metge Domingo Nicolau Balançat (junto a la rotonda) – Ibiza.

3 Fiestaland club sport centre Ibzia. Better known as Ushuaïa’s paddle club. It is the biggest paddle tennis centre in Ibiza. They have 4 wall paddle tennis courts and 8 crystal paddle tennis courts. If you are able to hit one of the many planes that fly above the place with the ball, you win a free beer! 😉

Telephone: 971 308 035

Address: Ctra. Platja d’en Bossa, s/n – Platja d’en Bossa – Sant Josep (Ibiza)

4 El Cebo paddle tennis club – Sant Antoni de Portmany. The newest paddle tennis club on the island with 6 crystal paddle tennis courts. If you live near Sant Antoni and you can’t be bothered to get in the car this is your club! You also have a bar to enjoy those well deserved beers 😉

Telephone: 663 752 726

Address: C/ Es Molí,5 – (Al principio de Cala de Bou) Sant Antoni de Portmany

5 Punt Groc sports centre – Santa Eulària des Riu. And last but not least: Santa Eulária’s Sports Centre. Provided with 3 crystal paddle tennis courts, this is the perfect place for the player who’s looking for a relaxing match in the middle of the nature. That being said, be careful where you throw the ball… 😉

Telephone: 971 332 970

Address: Can Frigolas, s/n – Santa Eularia des Riu 

Prices may vary from 12€ up to 20€, and it depends on when you want to play or if you have or not a membership.

Other places in Ibiza where you can also book a paddle tennis court…


4 paddle tennis courts

Telephone: 971 391 176

Address: Avda. Pedro Matutes Noguera s/n – Ibiza


4 paddle tennis courts (2 covers)

Telephone: 971 303 234

Address: C/ Sant Francesc de Ses Salines, s/n – Ibiza


3 paddle tennis courts

Telephone: 971 345 563

Address: Camí de Cas Ramons s/n Sant Antoni

Good match!

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