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Day: 01/10/17

Time: 11h00

Event: Agroturismo Atzaró is celebrating Ibiza Spirit Festival; a celebration of life for all the free loving spirits that live on this magic island. 13h00, self-hypnosis worshop. It is meant to teach a few different methods to self-induce a trance. 15h00, internal meditation for peace. It is meant to teach a powerful and easy exercise to recover and release stress in less than a minute. 15h30, special guest Gopi Kallayil will talk about his book “Internet to Inner Net”. He will explain simple ways for achieving the quiet reflection moments that connect us with this “inner net”. During that hour you can also try Hula Hoop dancing. This dance uses a hoop as a tool and as a gateway. 17h00 workshop “Vivir con propósito” (Living with a purpose). This worshop analizes the “4 pillars of purpose”. The ticket costs 10€, which are donated to APNEEF, aside from the therapists and readers who require a small extra donation.

Day: 01/10/17

Time: 20h00

Event: Highlight Tribe is back to Ibiza’s Las Dalias! One of the musical acts with more followers on the island is back to rock their world once again. After giving us some mind-blowing shows on previous occasions, they are back with their enveloping sounds fully charged to present their new record “Temple of Light”. Advanced tickets: 15€, gate: 20€.

Event: III Japan Week de Ibiza

02/10 y 03/10 // 17h00 // C19 // Today you can go to the dance workshop Kamigatai-mai with Keiin Yoshimura. Schedule: Monday and Tuesday from 17h00 to 20h00. Price: 80€.

 04/10 // 17h00 // C19 // Wabiza continues with the third Ibiza Japan Week. Today an Ikebana children’s workshop with origami organized by WabizaSUI and Isabel Castillo. The activity is meant for children older than 6 years. Price: 10€. After 18h00 there will also be a Kamishibai show for all ages. Ticket: 5€

05/10 // 17h00 // C19 // Today there will be an Ikebana flower arrangement workshop with Isabel Castillo. Price: 12€.

06/10 // 19h00 // C19 // The last day of Ibiza Japan Week. To close Japan week, Wabiza is organizing the Butoh performance, “Subarashii”, dansa Bàtáfurai. Ticket: 5€.

Day: 06, 13, 20, 27/10/17

Time: 16h00

Event: The Bio-Vegetarian restaurant Ecocentro organizes a language Exchange. Every Friday you have a space where you can speak English, French, German or Japanese while you enjoy a cup of fresh juice. You don’t need to be fluent and it is a lot more fun than going to an institution. Free activity.

Event: Ibiza Burlesque Festival 2017

06/10 //12h00 // Santos Ibiza Suites // First edition of Ibiza Burlesque Festival 2017 with world-class performers, Pinup fashion, positive vibes, vintage music and modern rhythms. 12h00 The festival’s opening, 12h30 burlesque and flamenco workshop with Spanish star La Beti, 13h30 burlesque dancing lessons and a Pinup Poolside Party to finish the day with burlesque artists from all over the world. Make sure to follow the dress code: vintage bathing suits from 1950, pineapples, pink flamingos and spots. Price: from 40€

07/09 // 00h00 Heart Ibiza welcomes Ibiza’s first Burlesque Festival with the party Bass & Tease Gala, the closing of their 2017 season with world-class artists from 9 different countries. Ticket: 35€.

Day: 08/10/17

Time: 20h00

Event: Dancing show “Frágil” (Fragile) with Leonor Leal (dancer) and Michio (live music). “Frágil” is a play dedicated to the experimentation and the dialogue between electronic music and dance. It presents an insight about the usage of common language such as flamenco, and the illusion of living in a process of investigation that results in this show-performance where they try to approach the fragility of the artist as a human being (and in this case as a “bailaora”), from an expressive and conceptual level. A reflection about observing and being observed, about the free and naked exposition to the audience of what one believes to be. It is about the fears involved and the strength it takes to show them. The challenges, the limitations, the insecurities, the obsessions or the sensibility closer to the skin. Advanced tickets: 12€, gate: 15€.

Event: Ibiza Light Festival 2017

13 y 14 // 19h00 La Marina // After the success of the first edition in 2016, Ibiza Light Festival is back. A space where artists combine the emotions of the audience with architecture, technology, illumination and classic performing arts such as dancing and music. The designated area for this festival are the harbor and La Marina in Ibiza city. Free entrance.

Day: 18/10/17

Time: 18h00

Event: Chirincana.

After waiting for a whole season, the most expected concert from this emblematic figure of the chirincanero scene, is finally here. Salsa and latin rhythm from Eri Salsa and his band. Banana Boogaloo will also be there from the booth maintain the heat before and after the concert. Free show.

Day: 19/10/17

Time: 09h00

Event: Eivissa’s Town Council along with the Consell de Eivissa, is organizing an Evissa Crea Conference on different spaces of Dalt Vila. The journey starts with Creathlon, a gymkhana where they will use the model “canvas” to desing a business model. It will take place at Dalt Vila’s Fortress. They will deliver the certifications and support material at Es Polvorí. 11h30 It is time for the workshops “Crea tu plan” (Create your plan), at Can Botino’s press room, “Crea redes” (Create networks) at Es Polvorí, and “Crea tiempo” (Create time) at the town hall’s chapterhouse. 14h15 Networking meal at the town hall’s cloister. 16h00 Conference “5 llaves del talento” (5 keys of talent), by César García Rincón in Es Polvorí. The entrance is free, however the networking meal costs 10€ and it requires a previous application by sending the attached form to

Day: 19/10/17

Time: 20h30

EventLadies, Wines & Design

The special guest for today’s talk is Ariadna Ferrer, the designer of the hand-made accessories – k from kose kose. Ariadna will talk about the industry and about the many false myths around the subject. One of them is the belief that fashion is a women’s business, and therefore a superficial one, when the truth is that in spite of what most people believe, the highest positions are actually taken by men. The event will take place at K de Kose Kose’s workshop. The entrance is free, however the spaces are limited. In case you want to make a reservation send an e-mail to

Day: 22/10/17

Time: 21h30

EventCan Ventosa

Can Ventosa will present the comedy play “Relatos Eróticos” (Erotic stories), performed and directed by Victoria Siedlecki. “Relatos Eróticos” is a spectacle of love, eroticism and humor stories. After four successful seasons on Madrid’s theaters, “Relatos Eróticos” is still fascinating the audiences. The versatile Argentinian actress Victoria Siedlecki is capable of making us laugh and think to a fast pace, based on magnificent texts and a contemporary mix of humor and all kinds of passions. Sex among angels may be too clear for some, such as a seemingly innocent love song or the best kept secrets of Arabian Nights… The price is not set yet.

Day: 23/10/17

Time: 20h00

EventCas Serres

Les Matinées du Soleil is back with a French Cinema cicle presenting the movie “L’Armée des Ombres” (The army of the shadows, 1969) by Jean-Pierre Melville. Philippe Gerbier (Lino Ventura) is the head of one of the resistance groups in Paris against the Nazi occupation, he is captured but he manages to escape and then joins another group working in Marsella. The informant is caught and he is executed. The narrative offers a vision of the bravery and fears of these two important groups during WWII. This version has subtitles. Free entrance.

Day: 28, 29/10/17

Time: 10h00

EventII Feria de la Sal // Ses Salines

Sant Josep de sa Talaia district will host the 2nd Salt Fair in an attempt to expose the legacy and culture of Ibiza’s salt industry among tourist and locals. The event will consist of several different activities and it will demonstrate how this product used to be picked out manually. During the Fair, the public will also be able to know about the many ways in which they used salt, such as preserving bones, olives or fish. They will also have a chance to taste “ossos amb col”, a typical dish made from salty pork bones. The folkloric group from Sant Jordi de ses Salines will represent the traditional dance and they will make a performance of the “Salpassa” ritual, where the priest would bless the houses by living salt and water at the door for protection. The list of activities is not set yet.

Day: 29/10/17

Time: 19h00

EventCan Ventosa

Can Ventosa’s cultural space is presenting a concert by the symphonic orchestra Ciutat d´Eivissa in collaboration with the Choir Ciutat d´Eivissa. Directed by Manuel Ramón Mas. The price has not been set yet.

plans to do in Ibiza

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