Plans for Ibiza in January

Happy new year! Ibiza’s cultural guide ¿Qué Hago Hoy?, has prepared the best selection of plans for Ibiza in January. You can take a look at other activities to do on the island during this month on the digital edition of ¿Qué Hago Hoy?

Day: Every Sunday

Time: 14h00

Event: La Casita Verde will have an open day every Sunday. Give yourself a chance to enjoy their eco-vegan food made with local products, and be surprised by the gastronomic possibilities of ingredients such as aloe vera and carob. Starting at 16h00, you can also join a guided tour through their installations. They encourage all participants to become members of the association Ibiza Ecologic. It costs 10€ to join and it is a lifelong membership.

Day: 01/01

Time: 11h30

Event: Playa de Salinas. Vino&Co, a wine shop and bar, started this tradition in Ibiza about 8 years ago within a small circle of their family and closest friends. Nowadays it has grown so much, everyone is invited to celebrate the first day of the year. Join them for a bath, a glass of wine and lots of bubbles! The first bath starts at 12h00. If you are late, you can catch the second one at 13h00… And if you really couldn’t get out of bed earlier, you can always take the last bath at 14h00. Meeting point: between Guarana and Malibu. Free of charge.

Day: 02/01

Time: 20h00

Event: Palacio de Congresos. Ballet of Moscow presents the show “Nutcracker”. The story of the Nutcracker takes place in Germany around 1850 when Clara, the daughter of Judge Stahlbaum, receives a very special gift during a Christmas party from her eccentric godfather, Herr Drosselmeyer: a wooden soldier who is a nutcracker. When the party ends, Clara lives a fabulous dream with the soldier, who finally exists in reality and close to him. Price: € 38

Day: 03 – 04/01

Time: 17h00 y 19h30

Event: Can Ventosa. On January 3 and 4 they will be presenting the musical “The Wizard of Oz” at Can Ventosa’s cultural center. Ticket price: 10€ for adults, 5€ for children. They will be raising the funds of one night for APNEEF

Day: 06/01

Time: 20h00

Event: San Carlos. Santa Eulalia’s Christmas celebrations end with a piano recital at San Carlos parish center, where María José Parete will be playing pieces by Chopin, Debussy, Rachmaninoff, Riera and Villalonga. Free entrance.

Day: 09/01

Time: 20h00

Event: Can Pou Bar. The association Les Matinées du Soleil invites you to their French cinema session. They will be showing the movie “Corporate” (France, 2016) by Nicolas Silhol. They will play the original French version with Spanish subtitles. Free entrance.

Day: 13/01

Time: 21h00

Event: Can Ventosa. Can Ventosa presents the play “Dos + dos” by David Serrano and Maite Pérez. A comedy made for couples. The price is yet to be determined.

Day: 14/01

Time: 12h00

Event: San José. The association Bonswing is organizing clandestina lindy hop at San José, next to Can Xico Bar. A nice way to practice what you have learned in your dancing sessions, as well as a chance to dance with more advanced hoppers. Free entrance.

Day: 14/01

Time: 13h00

Event: Es Caliu. The four founders of the flamenco group “Querencia” will gather together at Es Caliu Restaurant for a special show by Jesús Olmedo.

Day: 14/01

Time: 17h00

Event: Ibiza Blau Music. Don’t miss the open day at Ibiza’s music school Blau Music. There will be lots of activities such as music made with vinyls and live FM radio transmission, the creation and recording of a piece by Jazz Fussion (piano and drums), post production and mastering, showroom with synthesizers from the 70’s and 80’s, and live performances. Free entrance.

Day: 16/01

Time: 09h30

Event: IES Quartó de Portmany. They will celebrate San Antionio day at IES Quartó de Portmany. There will be a solidarity market to raise funds for the 4th grade students of ESO and for an NGO. There will be a race, room escape, gimkana, Rubik cube tricks, a Quartó photography exhibition, pastries, crepes and chocolate. At 11h30 there will be football and basketball matches, teachers vs. students. At 12h30 there will be a show with musical performances and dances. Finally, at 13h45 there will be an awards celebration for the VI Photography contest Fotoquartó, and for the XI edition of the Nieves Balanzat award for short stories.

Day: 16/01

Time: 20h00

Event: Cine Regio. The II Festival Brisa Flamenca of Portmany will take place on January 16, just before the big day at San Antonio District. The event will be hosted by Mayte Martín, Pedro el Granaino and Mati Fernandez. The price is yet to be determined. More information:

Day: 18/01

Time: 21h30

Event: El Cine Regio The second edition of Zinètic will take place at Cine Regio de Sant Antoni. Through this initiative, the local audience will have the chance to enjoy a more alternative cinema, which is often left out of conventional cinema. They will be projecting the movie “The Square” (Sweden – 2017) by Ruben Östlund. Ticket price 5€.

Day: 20 – 21/01

Time: 10h00

Event: Campo de Fútbol Portmany | Espai Jove. Drac´s d´Eivissa along with San Antonio’s city council will organize two days dedicated to The Lord of the Rings on January 20 and 21. The activities include bringing the ring to Mordor, archery and fencing. Starting at 14h00 the themed games will take place at Espai Jove Sant Antoni, with role playing games, elfic writing workshops, dwarf runes, hama beads, elfic lights, chroma and merchandising. Free entrance

Day: 20/01

Time: 22h00

Event: Can Pou Bar. The live music nights are back for the cycle Xiringuito a Groenlandia. Enjoy a performance by Seward, a six-man band that goes beyond every known genre and even beyond the internet. Ticket price: 5€.

Day: 21/01

Time: 12h00

Event: Punta d´Es Molí. IbizaSwingLab is organizing the third edition of Swingada. From 12h00 until sunset, at the beautiful setting of Punta De´s Molí at San Antonio, there will be many activities to enjoy such as a dance workshop, live music, popular paella and a lot of surprises. Free entrance

Day: 22 – 28/01

Time: 18h00

Event:.Cas Serres. The opening of the 2nd edition of Ibizacinefest, a festival aiming to bring the audience closer to independent cinema and auteur cinema which they won’t find at conventional movie theaters. Full schedule:

Day: 25/01

Time: 20h00

Event: Sa Nostra Sala de Cultura. Along with the exposition “La Transición a pie de calle”, they will also project the documentary “Las lágrimas del presidente” (2009), followed by a short seminar afterwards. Free entrance.

Day: 26/01

Time: 19h00

Event: Districte Hiperbole. One of the most widely known reading clubs is coming to Ibiza. This feminist reading club aims to create a space to talk about a series of books selected by Carmen G. de la Cueva, founder of La Tribu, an influential literature and feminism blog. This month they will talk about the book «Leonora» by Elena Poniatowska. You can sign in by writing an email to or through this phone number : 678444662. Free entrance.

Day: 26/01

Time: 20h00

Event: Lamuella. Art & Fun Ibiza is organizing a paint and sip night. An art teacher will guide you step by step so that you can create your own masterpiece while you have fun sipping wine and enjoying a relaxed night. 3 hours of painting classes including all of the materials needed. Ticket price: 45€, with soft drinks only: 35€.

Day: 27/01

Time: 20h30

Event: Can Pou Bar. Third edition of Ibiza poetry slam. A tournament for poets and word lovers in general where the audience gets to decide who wins. It is possible to recite in every language. You can sign in at Free entrance.

Plans for Ibiza in January

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