I’m going to talk about a popular topic among people who don’t live in Ibiza and always ask us the same question: Is there any party in Ibiza during Winter season? Yes, there is still nightlife in Ibiza after the long summer. Obviously, the pace would be different, but there are several choices depending on our musical preferences.

If you just landed on the Island and you would like to go out at night during Winter in Ibiza, this short guide for the nightlife on the island may be very useful for you. Don’t stay home! I am sure you could have a very fun night with at least one of the options I have selected here.

I’ve made my selection of bars, clubs or discos in Ibiza Town. B12 club Ibiza will be the first on my list due to their vast amount of activities:

1 B12 club Ibiza – An event room by night and an Art Gallery during the day; B12 is certainly a peculiar spot.

They are usually open from Thursday to Saturday. Some of the best promoters of the island stop by to offer us their best parties.

Ticket price: 10-15€ (depending on the day and the events)

B12´s parties:

1 MisbehaveTech-House sound on Thursdays at B12. The entrance is usually free during the whole night.

2 MuMThe Saturday night party for true music lovers.

They have an exquisite lineup featuring artists from the most exclusive Underground scene, most of them from Rumania or from the local scene. All of them have their own unique sound, but share something in common: LOVE for the Vinyl.

We can find different styles in their sets; low bpm techno, microHouse and French House. A magical musical ride full of surprises that will keep you tripping until they turn the lights back on.

Next event: March 3th with S.A.M 

3 Selecto IbizaIt is organized by the two main artists of their lineup, while P’ter chooses a vinyl to spin, Toni is in charge of percussion. Together they always manage to create a great atmosphere with a high-quality sound.

Next event: January 27th

2 Veto Social Club – Located at Marina Botafoch, near Pacha, this club is the closest you can get to Ibiza’s Underground scene without paying for an entrance.

I suggest you go for a beer, you may be surprised by their selection of electro music.

The last event with the boys from Otto left us with a great feeling. I hope they announce their new events soon because I really enjoy their music.

Ticket price: free

3 STK – A well-known restaurant where you can go for drinks during summer. It is located near the Corso Hotel and it is open on Fridays and Saturdays during winter.

You can get access only through their Guest List, which you can find in the Facebook events made by their promoters.

Ticket price: Guest List (you can sign up in their FB events)

4 Club107 – A tiny place with limited capacity located at Marina Botafoch port. It is open on Sundays from 18:00h to 06:00h.

Ticket price: free

5 Angelo Ibiza – They set the rhythm on Thursday nights after the popular pintxos route.

A place where you can dance to different styles and the perfect meeting point to start your weekend.

Check out their schedules. Now you can have a sushi dinner on Fridays for a nice price.

Ticket price: free-10€ (depending on the day and the events)

6 Hotel Montesol – Electronic-gourmet Friday right in the heart of town.

The weekend just started! Come have dinner at Café Montesol. Starting at 20h, Natur offers different menus for a selected audience with a fine taste. After dinner, there will be resident DJ’s who will be in charge of making you dance while you have a few drinks.

Ticket price: free

7 Factory Bar and Smokehouse – This bar was recently renovated Berlin style.

It is located on the road that goes from Ibiza to San Antonio. On Fridays, you can go play Bingo and on Sundays, you can go for an English style brunch starting at 14h. Good music will be playing from the moment you step in.

Ticket price: free

Come and find out for yourself how is partying during Winter in Ibiza! You just need to get off the couch, take off your blanket and get out to enjoy the nightlife on the Island.

I suggest you check out the Facebook fan page of each club to review their Schedule, as it may be modified

See you at the bars!


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