They say that the first time that you go to Ibiza that the Island will either accept or reject you. 5 years ago I decided to give Ibiza a go, and today I find myself buying as many flights as I do metro tickets. I think it might have accepted me.

When I first had the opportunity to go on holidays to Ibiza, I thought to myself, what if never get this chance again? So there I was, my friend in tow, arriving at the airport with a suitcase full of clothes and wonder. We ended up staying in the house of a policeman from Leon, who’d moved to Santa Eulalia for work. We were lucky enough that this man’s girlfriend, a native of the town, was willing to show us everything we wanted.

Once Upon a Time in Ibiza
My first ‘Flower Power’

We only had 4 days to see the island from north to south, so obviously we had to make the most of every second. We got to three beaches a day, ate out in local restaurants for every meal getting to taste the Ibizan herbs and spices (a wondrous discovery). We somehow found time to time to do a ring of Formentera on mopeds, falling in love with its beaches and atmosphere. We saw spectacular sunsets, witnessed amazing sights and had nights of total flower power.

I left with a million things to see and do, but when I got into the car heading back to the airport, I knew I’d be coming back to Ibiza, because if the Island had fallen in love with me on my first visit, what would it do to me the next time…

Original text by: Cristina Muñoz


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