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Cultural guide of Ibiza ¿Qué Hago Hoy?,  has selected the best activities and plans to do in Ibiza during November. If you wish to be up to date on what to do in Ibiza take a look at the digital edition of ¿Qué Hago Hoy?

Day: 01/11

Time: 20h00

Event: Palacio de Congresos de Ibiza.Contemporary musical comedy “The Primitals”, a strange and surrealist story of a dysfunctional tribe with infighting, magnanimity, mental illnesses and millenary pharmacopoeia. Ticket price: 15€.

Day: 02/11

Time: 19h00

Event: SOMM Wine Shop Ibiza. Are you passionate about beer? Do you want to discover the world of craft beer? Join a beer tasting with Oscar, one of the founders and beer lovers from IBOSIM. This is your chance of learning about the process and its interesting story. He will answer any doubts you may have about the world of beer.

Day: 04/11

Time: 9h30

Event: Factory Bar & Smokehouse.“Día del Pedal”, (Day of the pedal) is the perfect excuse to practice cycling with the family and to encourage children to use the bike. There will be three different courses suited for all ages, and a bike raffle including all participants. More info:

Day: 04/11

Time: 12h00

Event: Aubergine, Ibiza. Celebrate the party “Winter Closing Day” in Aubergine Ibiza. Enjoy a nice day with a special menu, barbecue, handicraft market, a play park with animal costumes, live music with Kandela mi Son and melodies from the 80s with DJ Old Boxes. Free entrance.

Day: 04/11

Hora: 14h00

Event: OD Ocean Drive. They Vinyl market by Hola Sundays is back! Just vinyl and nothing more. A chance to find that record you were not hoping to find, or to buy a great vinyl at a very low price. There will also be a great vibe with great music. Free entrance.

Day: 05/11

Time: 18h00

Event: Casa Maca. Guy Fawkes Bonfire night, a British tradition with a bonfire, hot dogs, caramel apples, and winter punch. Free entrance. The starting time may be subject to changes. More info: 971 806 864.

Day: 08/11

Time: 21h30

EventCine regio. The Cine Regio will host the third edition of Zinètic, a space to talk about cinema and share a debate, with alternative, brave and mature choices, that have a strong narrative and tended aesthetics. Today they will screen the movie “A ghost story” (United States – 2017) by David Lowery, 0 version.

Day: 08-11/11

Time: 20h00

Event: Can Ventosa, Ibiza.The ninth edition of the Humor Festival starts tonight with a performance by El Monaguillo. Ticket price: 20€.

Day: 09-17/11

Time: 19h30

Event: C19, Ibiza. The Mal del Cap Festival is back! The afternoon begins with the projection of the best short films and different guests such as movie directors, influencers, youtubers, artists, etc. Free entrance. Full schedule:

Day: 10/11

Time: 19h00

EventCentro cultural de Jesús, Teatro Paraíso presents “Lunáticus Circus”, a fragile and flawed circus, yet fresh and daring. A circus full of vitality and surprises that invites you to start a new adventure and make your dreams come true together. Ticket price:  8€.

Day: 17/11

Time: 19h00

EventCan Ventosa. Can Ventosa cultural space invites you the Santa Cecília concert with the choir and the symphonic band Ciutat d’Eivissa. Directed by Adolfo Villalonga Juan and Miguel San Miguel.

Day: 18/11

Time: 12h30

Event:  Casa Maca. Sunday Roast British style! Enjoy the afternoon with bloody mary, Yorkshire pudding and live acoustic music. There will also be a mini club for children. Free entrance.

Day: 21/11

Time: 20h00

Event:  Art Projects Ibiza. Don’t miss the theater spectacle “Perdius”, one of the many possible solutions for the current war. Of any war. A depiction of barbarity as a product of proximity and of the social conflict when it’s subject to diffuse causalities. In Catalan. Free entrance.

Day: 23/11

Time: 20h00

EventVeto Social Club. Poetry Slam is back to Eivissa! Take part in this poetic party, a new monthly encounter in Eivissa, a space for free expression. Free entrance. Date and time are subject to changes. More info on Facebook: @PoetrySlamEivissa

Day: 24/11

Time: 20h00

EventPalacio de Congresos de Ibiza.Companhia do Chapitô presents the comedy “Electra”. In Atenas, the king Agamenon stars a war to free the beautiful Helena from the claws of her kidnapper. This familiar bloodbath is told in a unique style by this company. Ticket price: 12€.

Day: 25/11

Time: 12h00

EventMonographic Museum Puig des Molins. A dramatized visit to the Necropolis of Puig des Molins. The visits are organized so that people get to see the biggest and best preserved structure of the Phoenician-Punic culture. The visits are free, but require a previous inscription:

Day: 29/11

Time: 23h00

EventMalanga Café, Ibiza. #ForTheFreshlyPeople Jam Sessions. Pere Navarro (trumpet), will play along Llorenç Barceló on a Hammond keyboard. The trio is complete with Carlos Gallego on the drums. There will be a jamming section afterwards, so that other musicians can bring their magic to the stage. Free entrance.

activities and plans

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