Hidden along San Juan road (Ibiza), we can find Nagai: one of the most colourful restaurants on the island. It is not only a nice little restaurant where we can enjoy well-made sushi; Nagai is an authentic temple of the Japanese cuisine in Ibiza.

Nagai Ibiza

TELEPHONE– 971 807 308

EMAIL – nagai.ibiza@gmail.com

WEB – nagairestaurant.com

ADDRESS – Carretera a Sant Joan, km 9.5


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June, July, August and September


Monday to Saturday

20:00 to 00:00



March, April, May, October, November and December


Monday to Saturday

19:30 to 00:00


– Their wide gastronomic offer, it is a perfect restaurant to enjoy a snack or a large meal.

– Their wide gastronomic offer, it is a perfect restaurant to enjoy a snack or a large meal. 

– Their musical offer during the summer and their cozy environment with a chimney during the winter.

Open since 2011, Nagai has a solid customer base of local clients who enjoy their cooking style based on fresh products of the highest quality. The place transports its visitors from Ibiza island to the Land of the Rising Sun through an array of carefully thought elements and details. Decoration, food and a charming space… Nagai a must-visit restaurant for those who love Japanese culture and gastronomy.

In this old house, we can find a fusion of Zen and Feng Shui concepts. At the entrance, we can find two toriis, which are traditional Japanese arches, usually found on Japan’s Shintoist sanctuaries, that serve as a bridge between the holy and unholy space. Once we cross them, we find a colourful garden with a set of tables. If we look to one side, we find a small garden with tomatoes and other aromatic herbs. At the end of the courtyard, we can find the cocktail bar, one of Nagai’s specialities. We can also find the stage, which is used during the summer months by different bands that will improve the experience of dinner with live music under the light of the stars.

The interior of the restaurant recreates a typical Japanese house, including a chimney, which makes it a perfect choice for winter nights. Wooden shelves, chandeliers, and large Japanese murals created by the Irish artist Fin Dac decorate the space; definitively the best representation of Japanese culture in Ibiza. If you are as impressed as we are about the setting, wait until you read about the most important part: the gastronomic experience at Nagai.

Nagai’s gastronomic offer: traditional Japanese cuisine and Asian fusion

If you are a sushi lover or if you enjoy the trendy fusion cuisine, Nagai has a little bit of everything. Chef Reina Nagai and her team have created a gastronomic concept based on traditional Japanese recipes that are also influenced by the latest trends in Asian cuisine. To start out our night, we asked the waitress to recommend us some cocktails. We chose the oriental ale and the Tokio bloody Mary; two classics that were reinterpreted with an Asian fusion twist. They were delicious!

When we looked at the menu, we were surprised by its size. Nagai is one of those restaurants where you can go to enjoy an Asian style snack or a delicious bowl of noodles. Needless to say, you can also enjoy an authentic tribute to your palate with the most exquisite selection of Japanese dishes. Nagai offers several ways to enjoy this little piece of Japan in Ibiza. Which one would you like today?

One of the dishes that we enjoyed most during our last visit was the scallop tartar with a bit of pistachio-based pesto, avocado and cha soba: a refreshing dish that surprised us with its original fusion of flavours. However, if there is one thing that we absolutely love eating at Nagai is their sushi; even the simplest rolls have an intense flavour, due to the quality and precision of their fish cuts. If you love sushi as much as we do, this dish is always a must when you visit Nagai. Meat lovers will enjoy dishes such as the wagyu tataki with Japanese black sesame sauce. Don’t forget to leave some space for the dessert, their selection of sweet treats is another reason why we always go back to Nagai. Our favourite one is the Nagai Vulcano, a homemade soft chocolate and green tea coulant served with a green tea ice cream. Can you think of a better way of ending a very special evening?

You will not only find art at Nagai but also fashion. In fact, the restaurant has its own boutique with exclusive designs that won’t go unnoticed by anyone. Also, if there is something we absolutely love about Nagai is their environmental awareness. During the last years, the team at the restaurant has been working to reduce the impact on the environment, and they are on their way to becoming a sustainable establishment. They filter and bottle their own water in crystal bottles, and they have replaced the disposable products, such as plastic straws, with items that are 100% biodegradable. Those are just a few of the actions taken by Nagai in order to contribute to the conservation of the environment on the island. In addition, the restaurant also cooperates with several environmental organizations.

If you like to try out new flavours, and you love Japanese culture and gastronomy as much as we do, you have to stop by Nagai during your trip to Ibiza. You can visit Nagai, with a date, with friends or family, during summer or winter, and you will always find a nice setting to enjoy whenever you go. Omake!

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