The campaign “Quiere a Ibiza” (Love Ibiza) by the Consell d’Eivissa aims to “Educate the residents of the Island about the importance of tourism, as well as helping the tourists become aware of the fact that they are coming to a fragile territory”.

We couldn’t like this project more! We just love Ibiza and we would like everyone who visits her to love her as much as we do. How about you, do you love Ibiza? The campaign “Quiere a Ibiza” has been created with the goal of educating tourists and residents about the importance being responsible towards the place where they live in or where they come to spend their holidays. The idea is to build a community so that each small collaboration becomes a drop in the ocean when it comes to taking care of Ibiza’s land, culture and its people in order to generate a new model of sustainable tourism in Ibiza

Where does the money funded through sustainable tourism go?

In order to create a sustainable touristic model, a tax for sustainable tourism was introduced in the Balearic Islands in 2016. Do you know where this tax money goes? The truth is that most of Ibiza’s residents don’t know either. We went out on the streets to confirm that fact; don’t worry if you identify with some of the people on the video. We are about to tell you exactly how is that tax money used.

On a large scale, the money from sustainable tourism goes to preserve the surroundings and heritage of the Archipelago. The following projects are currently being carried out in Ibiza Island with the money from this tax:

  • Embellishment of Ses Figueretes promenade.
  • The building of a promenade from Post des Torrent to Cala Gració.
  • Building a new 4.000 cubic meters’ water tank in Can Fornet to provide water for Jesús and the surrounding areas.
  • New charging spots for electric vehicles.
  • Improvement of the marine reserves program.
  • Recovery of the traditional landscape through an adequate management of the agricultural sector.
  • It is also expected to finance cattle ranching and bee colonies in order to diminish the current recession of the agricultural sector in Ibiza.
  • Improvements in the touristic sector: Ibiza will receive 1.000.000,00 € to build a Hostel Management School.
  • There will also be improvements in the coastline and the natural environment which aim to preserve and recover natural spaces in deteriorating conditions.

We love Ibiza throughout the whole year and we want everyone to know that the Island has a solid touristic offer which is valid during the 365 days of the year. Ibiza has been declared as a World Heritage Site. It has an authentic gastronomy, a relaxing environment, natural landscapes, creativity, fashion and it is also the capital of Pride; where new events by Ibiza Gay Pride will take place this year starting on June 13. Ibiza is a creative place, a destination for the entire family and it also hosts a lot of sporting events such as swimming, cycling, triathlon, marathons…

Join us, Love Ibiza!

By using the hashtags #EstimaEivissa#QuiereAIbiza, and #LoveIbiza, anyone can join this campaign on FacebookInstagramTwitter, and Youtube. You can also stay informed through, where you can find out about the activities that will be part of this campaign and even share your own ideas



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