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Happy new year! Ibiza’s cultural guide ¿Qué Hago Hoy?, has prepared for 2019 the best plans in IbizaYou can take a look at other activities to do on the island during this month on the digital edition of ¿Qué Hago Hoy?

Day: 04/01

Time: 20h00

Event: Concierto solidario de año nuevo. In Club Diario de Ibiza you can enjoy the solidarity New Year concert by Lina Tur, Gordan Nikolic and Céline Flamen. Collection of tickets until January 3rd in Diario de Ibiza.

Day: 05/01

Time: 12h00

Event: Microconcierto de Cas Musicaires. The Eivissa City Council organizes several micro-concerts in different parts of the city. Today you can enjoy the Cas Musicaires concert in the Vicent Calbet square. Free.

Day: 06/01

Time: 16h00

Event: Hola Sundays!. OD Ocean Drive invites you to a special edition of Hola Sundays!, a charity event with the collection of gifts for children in need. Free admission.

Day: 10/01

Time: 21h30

Event: Zinétic. Cine Regio hosts the third edition of Zinètic, a space of cinephile and shared debate, with alternative, brave and adult proposals, marked by risk, narrative strength and careful aesthetics. Today the film “Quién te cantará” (Spain – 2018) by Carlos Vermut is shown. Admission: € 5.

Day: 12/01

Time: 22h00

Event: Gran fielta flower. On the Ses Fonts promenade, within the festivities of Sant Antoni de Portmany, you can participate in the Great Flower Festival. Free.

Day: 12/01

Time: 22h00

Event: Tributo a Metallica con Thrash metal. And the day arrived! The best tribute to Metallica comes to Can Rock so that we would break our necks to the rhythm of the best hits of the beasts Thrash Metal. Entry price: € 5 with consumption.

Day: 15/01

Time: 19h00

Event: Festival brisa flamenca. The third edition of the Brisa Flamenca Festival begins with the performances of different artists such as Luis Amador, Ricardo Manzano, Geovani Pérez, Luís Fernández and many more. Free entrance. In the municipal tent of Sant Antoni.

Day: 17/01

Time: 23h00

Event: #Forthefreshlypeople. On Thursdays Malanga Café changes the Dj booth to the stage. Pere Navarro, trumpet, host and organizer, will be accompanied by Soumi Des Akias, guitar and voice, who will give his African touch to the Jam. Free admission.

Day: 19/01

Time: 13h00

Event: Barbacoa Casa Maca. Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the barbecue grill experience at Casa Maca with mouth-watering food, DJ and kids club. Free admission.

Day: 20/01

Time: 10h00

Event: Cicloturismo. The Eivissa Sports Patronage organizes the cycle route to Santa Gertrudis. Departure from Antoni Albert i Nieto square. Registration: € 3 – € 5.

Day: 22/01

Time: 10h00

Event: Cinefórum. At the University Headquarters of Eivissa and Formentera, the film “Lots of Kids, a Monkey and a Castle” (Muchos hijos, un mono y un castillo, Spain – 2017) by Gustavo Salmerón will be screened. Free.

Day: 25/01

Time: 19h00

Event: Concierto de Somosuno. Sa Questió welcomes tonight the concert of Somosuno with its pop rock rhythms. Very apt to dance and vibrate with their energy. Admission: € 5, free for members.

Day: 26/01

Time: 21h30

Event: Fiesta de los 80 y 90. Sant Antoni de Portmany celebrates the party of the 80s and 90s. The most moved portmany winter party arrives, come to relive and vibrate with the best music. In the tent of Ses Fonts promenade. Free admission.

Day: 27/01 – 03/02

Time: 18h00

Event: Ibiza cine fest. Inauguration of the III edition of Ibiza Cine Fest, independent international festival of Eivissa. The festival begins with the performance of Theater of the Ancients and the inaugural screening in the Can Ventosa Cultural Space.

Day: 27/01

Time: 18h30

Event: Tarde flamenca con Querencia. At Mar 5 Flamenco Afternoon awaits you, which tonight features the live performance of Querencia. The most fun afternoons in Eivissa. Free admission.

plans in Ibiza

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