Italian born Maddalena Scarpellini came to Ibiza a few years ago. She came to spend a few days of her vacation, and then never took the flight back home. She fell in love with her current partner –who is also from the island-, and found a job as a community manager. Her creative and social skills led her to start a new community on Ibiza; Ladies, Wine & Design Ibiza. Since then, a large number of women involved with the creative industry on Ibiza Island have joined.

In this interview we talk about how did she come up with the idea of bringing this concept to Ibiza and about the current situation of the project.

Ladies Wine Designe Ibiza

1What is Ladies, Wine & Design?

Ladies Wine & Design is a non-profit initiative that was created in New York by graphic designer Jessica Walsh. After reading and thinking a lot about why there are so few women in head positions in the creative industry, she wanted to do something to change that discriminating reality through tutoring other women, as well as defending their creative work. That’s how she came up with Ladies, Wine and Design. It consists of having monthly meetings to gather creative women (or women that are involved with the creative sector) with the goal of exchanging experiences about creativity, life and the business world, while sipping a glass of wine and enjoying delicious snacks.

I’ve always been a fan of brave women, the ones that don’t follow the rules and find their own way of doing things

2How did you hear about Ladies & Wine?

I heard about LWD through Juliana, a graphic designer friend of mine. She decided to start her own LWD in Newcastle. She came here last year and talked to me about it, she told me her friend Paloma had been organizing it for a couple of years in Madrid. So, after getting well informed, I contacted Jessica Walsh in order to start the community in Ibiza as well.  And so I did… I took a look at their Instagram (#ladieswinedesign) and I really liked what I saw; LDW is already present in over a hundred cities. You can check the whole team here: LWD Find Your City.

3Why did you decide to start this project on the island?

Because I really liked the idea and, since I work in the creative sector, I wanted to be a part of something like this myself. J I was drawn by the idea of sharing experiences and getting to know professionals of different areas. I wanted to do my bit to contribute to promote the female creativity on the island. I work as a community manager and, my work consists of creating communities online; I was very eager to start a real community. I believe that networking is essential when it comes to a creative type of job: ideas flow better when we connect with others. I would like Ladies, Wine and Design to be a space where we can start out new projects, share experiences and support each other.

Ladies Wine Designe Ibiza
Photo: LWD

4Was it difficult to start this concept in Ibiza?

No. Everything was very easy thanks to all the support I received. I knew well what I wanted and I was lucky to find people like journalist Laura Ferrer Arambarri, psychologist Sandra B. Císcar (cofounder of Cowork Ibiza) and photographer Rosie Randisi, who joined the project immediately. They helped me to start out this initiative. Laura and Sandra had their own conferences last year, and Rosie’s support has also been essential because she is the official photographer and she is able to perfectly capture the wonderful moments we share. Vila Vins also joined immediately as sponsor, and I really could not be more grateful. In the end we are Ladies, WINE & Design for a reason.

5What kind of women go to your meetings?

Most of them are business women and women who are involved with the creative sector on the island.

6How often do you plan your meetings?

We plan our meetings monthly. We started last year on April and we went on until November. This year we started by participating in the Women’s Cultural Week, which took place in March (organized by Diario de Ibiza, along with the cultural association Molí D’Eivissa), and we will continue until October.

“I work as a community manager and, my work consists of creating communities online; I was very eager to start a real community”


Where do your meetings take place and what do they consist of?

Each event takes place in a different space, it could be at the presenter’s studio, at a cowork, an art space or even a café. Last year we also had an available space at the Library Sa Cultural during Laura’s talk about women in journalism. If the presenter has a studio, we like to highlight that fact, and if they don’t, I will try to find a perfect location for the event. I always try to find a place that is somehow related to the theme of the meeting.


Who would you recommend going to Ladies & Wine?

To all women who are starting their professional careers, as well as the ones that already have their businesses up and running. Also to students who would like to meet with professional women in the creative sector.


How could local businesses contribute to your project?

It is very important that all events are completely free of charge if we want this project to grow. We are also planning to start out creative workshops, for which we would need funding, so we are always looking for sponsors (for funding, materials, food or a space where we could carry out our meetings). Anyone who is interested in collaborating with LDW Ibiza can send us a mail to:

Ladies Wine Design Ibiza
Foto: LWD


Is Ladies & Wine a feminist project?

Yes. It is essentially an attempt to promote visibility and equal opportunities for creative women.


Who inspires you?

I’ve always been a fan of brave women, the ones that don’t follow the rules and find their own way of doing things.

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