With chef Óscar Molina and his totally original ‘Japeruvian cuisine’, we embark on a sensory journey through the ancient gastronomic cultures of Japan and Peru in La Gaia restaurant (Ibiza Gran Hotel).

la gaia

TELEPHONE – 971 806 806 

EMAIL – lagaia@ibizagranhotel.com

WEB – http://www.ibizagranhotel.com

ADDRESS – Passeig Joan Carles I, 17, Ibiza


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Open every day

Monday to Sunday



Bar: 18:00 to 02:00

Rest: 20:00 to 01:00



Open from April to October

Closed from November to April



Open from April to October

Closed from November to April



– It has free valet parking (important in this area).

– The intimate atmosphere, the creativity of the kitchen and the friendliness of the team.

The island is abuzz with talk of La Gaia Japeruvian cuisine. So, being the inquisitive eaters that we are, we decided to pay La Gaia a visit to taste the revitalized gastronomic offerings of Óscar Molina, and I mean revitalized!  This chef has completely changed the menu this season, having spent time traveling throughout Peru and Japan, in a bid to soak up even more of the diverse Peruvian culture (if that’s even possible for him anymore).

La Gaia surprises for the achievement of a perfect gear in which art and gastronomy are protagonists.

The result?

La Gaia now not only offers a gastronomic experience but also offers patrons a sensory journey through the flavors of the ‘Nikkei’ cuisine, fusing Japanese and Peruvian ingredients and culinary techniques. The Gaia does not disappoint giving patrons a myriad of options, in all of which art and gastronomy are the true protagonists. The sum of several parts capable of thrilling with each bite.

In addition to gastronomy of the highest level, in this space, we find several works of art that add to the unique atmosphere. Certainly, in the case of the wonderful jellyfish sculptures that decorate the bar where we find our “cevicheros” and “sushi men” preparing their elaborate dishes. In total, 29 metal mesh medusas made by the Danish artist Katrin Kirk drift throughout the restaurant. Not to mention the Tony Keeler photograph collection highlighting the cultural contrasts of 70s Ibiza.

To get the mouth juices flowing

We start with a few cocktails. On the cocktail menu we find a unique array of flavors and aromas matched perfectly to the dishes on offer by none other than the main man Óscar Molina. We opted for the wasabi martini and the chilcano. The first selection, as the name would suggest, is a combination of vodka, lime juice and wasabi that brings a citrusy and refreshing flavor. The chilcano is a delicious Peruvian cocktail with pisco, lime, ginger beer and bitters.

La Gaia

Tasting menu from 60 euros: Welcome cocktail + aperitif + six dishes + two desserts.

One of the novelties of this season in La Gaia is the tasting menu, which includes a welcome cocktail, an aperitif, six dishes to share and two desserts for a price of 75 euros per person (drinks not included). If it is the first time you visit La Gaia, the tasting menu will help you to get a pretty complete idea of the type of dining experience it offers. It includes varied offerings, among which we highlight the traditional ibicencan croutons and sundried sh salad, stingray ravioli with marinated razor clams and the barbacued monksh cheeks. Your sweet tooth is in for a treat too with a selection of mouth-watering desserts available. A must try is the Santa Inés. I don’t want to do ‘spoil’ the surprise, so I won’t reveal what it offers exactly, but believe when I say it’s worth trying for yourself…

La Gaia

La Gaia offers an exclusive gastronomic experience at a price consistent with the quality of the products and the creativity that the menu boasts, threading a narrative with each passing plate, paying homage to two of the richest and most ancient of gastronomic cultures. It’s the ideal restaurant to celebrate a special occasion in a truly intimate atmosphere. All the staff is charming, and at all times, will offer advice on what selection of dishes might best suit your pallet. Hail to the chef Óscar Molina and his team for having designed one of the most original gastronomic offerings Ibiza has ever seen.


It has free valet parking (important in this area).

The intimate atmosphere, the creativity of the kitchen and the friendliness of the team.

TELEPHONE: +34 971 806 806  

E-MAIL: lagaia@ibizagranhotel.com 

SCHEDULE: from Jun to October from 08:00 pm to 01:00 am.

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Original text by Alba Garcia


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