The job crises in Spain, like in many other European countries, has turned Ibiza into a hub of young people, all in search of job opportunities. It’s true that in summertime in Ibiza there is an unending surge of job positions, but pay attention to the following advice as every year the competition to job searching in Ibiza is greater and greater.

Before you leave home

Don’t think that you’re going to find work in Ibiza before you step foot on the island. Like you there are thousands of young people looking for work opportunities in Ibiza in hopes of experiencing an unforgettable summer. The first thing you should do is track employment offers online. We’re not going to try fool you, job opportunities in Ibiza, much like accommodation offers, aren’t often published online but in physical locations or local papers instead. Still, you’ll no doubt be able to send you’re curriculum to some online offers. It’s also very useful to explore the different companies and lines of work available on the island, making a list of businesses that you’d like to work in. Visit their web pages, search for the email address of their human resources department and nominate yourself. You can also post your CV in the FORUM to increase the chance to find a job.

When to start looking for work in Ibiza

What is the perfect time to start looking for work in Ibiza? This will obviously depend on the type of work you’re looking for. It’s not easy to find year-long work in Ibiza. Most vacancies appear in the spring and summer months, as such a good time to get started are the months of March and April. Remember that the search for accommodation is the second problem you’ll have to face once you get a job and that’s why we recommend you start you’re search for an apartment a little bit before. The later you start the search for accommodation the harder you’ll find it to get somewhere and the higher the prices will be.

job searching in Ibiza
Tips for job searching in Ibiza

If you´re already in Ibiza

If you’re already in Ibiza, you’ve probably bought a one way ticket with the hope of finding your dream job in the coming days. This is the most important advice we can give you. Keep your feet on the ground and your head out of the clouds, finding your dream job might take a while longer than you hoped, and remaining patient is very important. The best thing to do while spending those long days going around the island with your CV in hand is to have a friend in Ibiza who can put you up in their house for a while, but if that’s not the case don’t worry, there are loads of temporary accommodation, hostels, and even cheap rooms which are rented on a per-day basis.

Be patient. Many establishments will ignore you or refuse you outright. Don’t get yourself down. The frenzy of young people in search of work in Ibiza is huge and many of those involved lose hope. Remember what it is that makes you different from all the others going for that dream job and use your strengths to your advantage!

Good luck! 😉

Translated by: Éamon Heavey



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