Patricia Fernández arrived in Ibiza over a year ago with her family. She is the creator of the successful blog ‘Comparte Mi moda’. She decided to make a radical change in her life by settling in the White Island. She defines herself as “passionate about communication and creativity”, two essential elements in her everyday life.

She is in charge of communications in a health company in Ibiza. She has three children, ages 7, 13 and 15 and she has been sharing her passion for fashion and other themes such as maternity and traveling in her blog during the last 12 years. And, as if all that was not enough, she also wrote the short story ‘Clara y Pepo: Quiero ser mayor‘ (Clara and Pepo: I want to be older). Patricia is starting as a collaborator in Ayudaenibiza with this article about plans with kids in Ibiza for this summer. If you want to get to know her better, don’t miss this interview.

1Why Ibiza?

We have been visiting Ibiza during vacations for over 6 years, and lately we noticed we felt sad every time it was time to leave. Finally we decided to find new jobs here, set out our base camp and go to other places during holidays. The world is so big that it is just a waste to go spend your vacations only in one place right? From my point of view, if you like a place that much, that you keep coming back for six consecutive years, the best you can do is to try and start a life there.

2Was it difficult to settle here with the whole family?

Once I found a job here the hardest part was to move a large family such as mine. I guess that moving out is something that we have wanted to do at some point (or several times) of our lives, however, it is a step not many people dare to take. My father keeps saying after 10 months of moving, that I was brave, that moving out the way we did with three kids is not for everybody; and I always tell him that things are harder when we think about them than when we actually do them.

3What were some of the most difficult aspects?

Finding a place to live has been the most stressful part to be honest with you. I am sorry if I may sound a bit harsh towards this subject, but the real estate business in Ibiza is all about usury. I have some stories that I hope will make me laugh someday. However, nowadays I keep paying a ridiculous price for the house we live in. And even though during the entire year we have been living here I have followed all the recommendations: I am in every website that there is, I have visited property development companies I have told some friends and acquaintances that I am looking for a place to buy or rent for a price that is accessible for a working-class family, I have posted in all of my social networks (even in my blog), I still cannot find a nice (or ugly) place to live for the prices everyone told me I would find once the season was over. There are no 700 euros houses in Ibiza. Everything I have been offered to rent costs more than 1200 euros and they are not exactly luxury homes (in fact, they are quite the opposite).

Everyone who rents a house in this wonderful place should question themselves about the kind of society they are all building. Each person who rents a house for such a crazy price, is contributing to generate a social problem, aside from what is usually presented by the newspapers (trouble to cover positions in the fields of health, education, or the police department, etc.). It is not possible to live alone in Ibiza, especially if you are a single mom. If you don’t have a partner, you will be forced to emigrate because the cost of renting a place is not related at all with the salaries, even if you have a good job position. There is no win to win here. How is it possible that the chance of having a family that will take care of your house as if it was their own and will punctually pay the rent is simply not valued?

4What do you like the most about living in Ibiza?

I love the sea, the weather, the nature, the multicultural society the island has. The peace and quiet during most of the year, the gastronomy, the landscapes the culture… If it wasn’t because of the housing-related issues, I would be completely sure Ibiza is the place where I would like to spend the rest of my life.

5How is a normal day in Ibiza for you?

I get up at 6.30 and the morning rush starts. My husband leaves with the kids at 7:40, he has to take them to school. Then, I have to have the house and the lunch prepared and I have to get ready for work. My job starts at 8:30, I have to pick up the kids at 13:30 and we are back home by 14:30. My husband will have everything set so that we can have a quick lunch, and then at 15:00 I am back to work until 18:00. They usually pick me up at work and we go for a stroll, go shopping for food (it is five of us at home, you know?) and then we go back home and make dinner, take a shower, read short stories, all those things… Our week does not change a lot compared to when we lived in Asturias, maybe we are all happier because the sun makes us happy and it doesn’t really rain that much here.

6Has your activity as a blogger changed in some way since you live in Ibiza?

The only thing that has changed is that instead of writing 5 articles a week, I am only able to write 2 or 3 in order to adapt to my work schedule. Everything else is more or less the same, the brands and companies that I work with are now mostly Balearic. Last year they were from Asturias and national. Obviously the background in my pictures and the landscapes are different.

7Currently you manage to balance your blog and your writing with your work. You have written short stories and you have three kids. How do you find time to do everything?

Because I don’t do everything at the same time. I think the key is to do things one by one, to start a task, finish it and then move on to the next. I am a creative person and I am very active. I also have the ability to concentrate, which is something that helps me a lot. Maybe that is the reason why I am capable of doing more in less time, because I don’t get disperse. I am the kind of professional who works better managing her time and working on achieving goals. The recruiters say that it is the most sought-after profile, I don’t really know if that’s true.

8Who do you write your blog for?

For women who are around 25, 55, 60, 80… ¿? I don’t know, for me age is just a way of counting the time we have been living. Actually my blog and my social networks are for active women who are interested in maternity or outdoor plans. Women who want inspiration to get dressed and make the most out of themselves and their wardrobe, women who enjoy reading real women with normal lives like themselves. I am not a fan of “aspirational things”, that’s why I write about what I would like to read or see, and about what it is usually missing in traditional media, or lately even in blogs.

“…If it wasn’t because of the housing-related issues, I would be completely sure Ibiza is the place where I would like to spend the rest of my life.”

9What will Ibiza residents find in your blog and in your social networks?

I guess the difference between them and the rest of the people who share my fashion articles who don’t live in Ibiza, is that the residents will recognize the backgrounds and they may rediscover their island through the eyes of someone who deeply loves their land.

10Do you have other projects?

My biggest project on a medium term is to find a place to live for my family which makes us feel more comfortable here. I don’t like the idea of moving out with my kids again, they have adapted very well, they have made new friends easily, they like the schools where they go, they have easily learned how to speak like a local… So I guess my two biggest projects are to give the best of myself to have the best income possible and to find that honest family who wish to sell or rent their property without taking advantage of the situation. That way we can focus on living and enjoying this beautiful island.

Thank you very much, Patricia. Good luck finding that dreamy place to live!

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