As residents of the island, we know that this heaven on earth is probably one of the most photogenic places in the world. For that reason, Ibiza has become an authentic paradise for Instagram lovers, who can be seen everywhere trying to find the most Instagram-worthy places of the island. In this article, we will tell you about some of them. There are many more, of course, you will find them when you least expect them.

Cala d’ Hort: This place should probably have the first place in the top ten of the most Instagram-worthy places in Ibiza. The view to the magical Es Vedrà islet, the fishermen stands alongside the coast, and the crystal-clear waters of this beautiful beach are only some of the reasons why Cala d’ Hort is a must for the Instagram lovers who visit Ibiza.

instagrameable ibiza
es vedra
instagrameable ibiza

Heaven’s door (Sa Penya Esbarrada)We don’t get tired of mentioning this cliff. In our opinion, this is one of the most magical places in Ibiza to watch the sunset. Of course, it is also one of those perfect landscapes to take an amazing shot worthy of going to your Insta with #nofilters.

puertas del cielo
instagrameable ibiza

Time & Space: 13 gigantic totems forming a circle around a bigger monolith. ‘Time & Space’ is one of the most controversial outdoor art installations of the island. The author is Andrew Rodgers, and his patron is no other than Guy Lalibertè, the creator of the Cirque du Soleil. Just a few meters away, you can find another art piece: two doors facing each other representing a small room (with no walls) in the middle of nowhere, with Cala Llentía as background. Ever since it was built a few years ago, this spot has become a must for curious tourists, photographers, and Instagrammers trying to catch one of the most original snapshots of Ibiza.

instagrameable ibiza
instagrameable Ibiza

Marina Botafoch: Boats are the bomb on Instagram, almost as much as kittens! Especially if we are talking about mega yachts. That’s why if you consider yourself an Instagrammer, you should definitively walk around the sports marina in Ibiza at least once in order to find amazing yachts and sailboats to take the best photograph. Even better if you go at sunset!


Puig de Missa: Santa Eulalia´s church is located right at the entrance of the village, on a hill next to the river bank. It is one of the temple fortress built in Ibiza to defend it from the corsairs. Next to the temple, there is a small cemetery with gardens and gothic-style graves. These monumental setting with its beauty and its views is an amazing place, worthy of immortalizing in a photograph, and of course, of sharing it through Instagram.

instagrameable ibiza
santa eulalia

Portinatx: Moscarter’s lighthouse with its black and white stripes is the tallest one of the Balearic Islands. It is located at Portinatx, it is 52 meters tall and it is located on a cliff at 100 meters above sea level. It is one of the most popular lighthouses of Ibiza on Instagram. Although, there are many others that are worth visiting.

instgrameable Ibiza

‘Atlantis’ (Pedrera de Cala d’Hort): If you are an Instagrammer and you are in shape, we recommend you to visit this old stone quarry, located at the Natural Reserve of Cala d’Hort. The path of dunes that reaches to the sea is very nice, although it becomes more “intense” if you want to go up again. Once you reach the bottom you will find amazing natural pools with crystal-clear waters and impressive cliffs. Natural scenery that is 100% Instagram-worthy.

instagrameable ibiza

Las Salinas: No matter where you look, the Natural Park of Las Salinas is pure Instagram material. When there is no wind, its pools are a perfect mirror to one of the most spectacular sunsets in Ibiza. The salt mountain, the monument to Ibiza’s salt marsh, or the flamingos that live in the place are some of the most photographed and well-trodden motives on Instagram.

instagrameable ibiza
instagrameable ibiza

Es Cubells: If you like to take shots from a viewpoint, you can’t miss the views that Es Cubells has to offer. It is located next to a beautiful plaza and a church, making it a very colourful spot where time seems to stop. Hashtag: #stoptime

es cubells
instagrameable ibiza

Cala de Benirrás: We will end our selection with one of the most mythical beaches of the island, famous for the peculiar sounds of the drum parties the hippies organize every Sunday at sunset. It is known on Instagram as one of the most popular sunsets in Ibiza. 

instagrameable ibiza
instagrameable ibiza

Instagramers Ibiza and Instagramers Balears: #Igers

If you are an Instagram user, we are sure you know that the communities of Instagramers (#Igers) have been growing all around the world. There are currently over 500 communities in over 60 countries. The creator of the first community of Instagrammers (#Igers), Phil Gonzalez started this adventure by opening a blog where he used to write tips to help the users of the app. It seems that things got a bit out of hand since then. Currently, there is even a community of Instagrammers in Ibiza (@igersibiza), managed by @luisjadj, and there is also another one with Instagrammers from the Balearic Islands (@igersbalears).

instagrameable ibiza
instagrameable ibiza

The goal of these virtual communities in Instagram is to “promote creativity, sharing and connecting with the users of the app” In order to so, Instagrammers organize different kinds of events and meetings once in a while. If you are passionate about photography, and you are an Instagram user, you can share your photos using the hashtags #Igers, #Igersibiza, and #Igersbalears. Your photo could be chosen to be shared in the Instagram accounts of the different communities of Igers and you could reach more people with your photography.


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