Practicing snorkel in Ibiza is one of our favorite activities during the summer months. There are many beaches and coves on the island which are perfect to enjoy watching the diverse sea life of the Mediterranean Sea.

In Ibiza the sea water is transparent, mostly because of the Posidonia meadows (declared as Intangible Heritage of Humanity by the UNESCO).

Many people believe that posidonia is a type of seaweed, but it is actually a plant; unlike seaweeds, posidonia has leaves, roots and a stem. It also produces flowers and fruits and it grows on a sandy bottom. Posidonia is an endemic species from the Mediterranean and it doesn’t exist in any other sea in the world. This plant is responsible for large areas that produce oxygen and it also works as a purifier, filtering the water to keep it clean and transparent. It is estimated that over 400 plant species and 1000 animal species live in the posidonia meadows.

What are you waiting for? Get some glasses, a breathing tube and some flaps and come to explore the amazing underwater world in Ibiza! These are our favorite beaches and calas to practice snorkel in Ibiza.

snorkeling beaches

1 Es Canaret: we can find this small cove very close to the popular coves Xarraca. It iis usually not so crowded, since it may be a bit difficult to arrive and it is not in most Ibiza guides. It is worth getting here to spend hours practicing snorkel in the sea.

2 S’Illot des rencli: This cove is located very close to Es Canaret; you can also find here the restaurant with the same name. This is probably one of the favorite coves of the snorkel fans in Ibiza.

3 Punta Galera: The amazing cove of Punta Galera not only offers a breathtaking landscape, it also has crystal clear waters, which lets you see through to find a wide variety of plants and sea animals. Although it is a rocky beach, it is a very comfortable location from where you can watch unbelievable sunsets.

4 Cala Codolar: Located very close to Cala Bassa, we can find this little cove, which is usually not so crowded. Its blue waters are a true paradise for swimmers, but especially for snorkel lovers of the island.

snorkeling beaches

5 Porroig: In the colorful cala Porroig it is usual to find a lot of ships at anchor. If we swim away from the coastline a little bit (preferably with a pair of flaps), we will find a paradise to practice snorkel.

6 Sa Caleta: The popular Sa Caleta beach, which is is very close to Ibiza’s airport is another one of our favorite beaches to practice snorkel. It is better to stay away from the crowd by swimming a little bit, but without getting too far away from the rocks on the sides, you can find a wide variety of fish there.

7 Cala Olivera: We love this little cove because of it crystal clear waters, which are perfect to practice snorkel. Although it has an open area with sand, hammocks and a chiringuito, many prefer to settle near the rocks to enjoy the tranquility. Nearby the rocks, we can find several posidonia meadows which are home to many marine species.

8 Cala Martina: this beach is perfect to visit with the family since it is possible to practice all kinds of water sports and activities. It is one of the favorite beaches for those who practice scuba diving in Ibiza, which is why it is also perfect to practice snorkel.

9 Aguas Blancas: Aside from being one of the nicest beaches of Ibiza, Aguas Blancas is also a very comfortable beach which offers all kinds of services. Its crystal clear waters are perfect to discover the famous posidonia meadows and to enjoy practicing snorkel.


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