Although many people may be surprised, Ibiza is a landmark for people who love art, history, and of course, museums. Discover one of the most surprising faces of the island with this museum tour we have brought for you.  

Ibiza has always been an inspiration for all kinds of artists: musicians, painters, filmakers… The island has something magical that attracts creators and artists. For that reason, many galleries have opened their doors in the island, creating a route of museums, galleries and exhibitions to suit all tastes. Do you want to join us in this museum tour through Ibiza?

  • Ibiza’s Museum of Contemporary Art: Our museum tour around Ibiza could not start anywhere else but in Ibiza´s own Museum of Contemporary Art. Located inside Ibiza’s Fortress, you can find different exhibitions to suit all tastes. The people at the MACE also organize conferences and workshops frequently.
  •  Puig des Molins Museum: It is the home of the Goddess Tanit and it is also the biggest and best-preserved necropolis in the entire world. It was Ibiza´s cemetery during a long time. It is said that there are around 3.000 graves, including only the ones from the Punic era. Only 340 graves can be seen from the outside, known as “Hypogeum de la mula”, they were discovered by chance in 1946.
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  • Ibiza and Formentera’s Archeological Museum: history fans will have the chance of exploring 3000 years of the Pitiusan past in the Archeological Museum. A ride from prehistory until the Muslim conquest, through hundreds of objects found on several excavations. The Archeological Museum is located inside the University, where the government used to be during the Medieval times, the chapel of El Salvador and the casemate of Santa Tecla’s Bastion in Dalt Vila.
  • Puget Museum: located in a noble house in Dalt Vila, commonly known as Can Comasema, since it was inhabited by the Palou de Comasema family during the 19th century. The oldest part of the house was probably built during the 15th century. Inside the building there are 130 works by Narcís Puget Riquer and Narcís Puget Viñas: oil and watercolor paintings that include landscapes and scenarios of Evissa’s daily life from the beginning and the first half of the 20th century.  
  •  Ethnography Museum: At Puig de Missa, in Santa Eulària del Río, you can find this old country house that has been transformed in a local ethnography museum. Can Ros is a great example of Ibiza’s rural architecture. In this place you can find a permanent exhibition with everyday articles and jewellery that were used in the country houses, such as antique tools, musical instruments, weapons and other objects of personal use. Aside from the permanent exhibit, there are also other temporary monographic expositions, as well as some craft workshops from time to time.
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  • Interpretation center Madina Yabisa: located in the building of the Cúria, built during the 14th and 15th centuries, while taking advantage of some elements of an old Arabic wall, the museum includes a collection of pieces that show the evolution of history in the city of Ibiza.  
  • Casa Broner Museum: built around 1960 in the neighbourhood of Sa Penya, Casa Broner used to be the house and the studio of the German painter and architect Erwin Broner. Nowadays, the building is a perfect example of modern Balearic architecture.

Galleries and other art exhibitions in Ibiza

  • La Nave de Salinas, Ses Salines: sponsored by the patron and art collector Lío Malca, the exhibition at La Nave de Salinas displays pieces from Malca’s personal collection. During 2019, La Nave Salinas will host an exhibition by one of the greatest legends of New York Art scene from the ’80s, one of the creators of pop surrealism: Kenny Scharf. You can visit the exhibition for free from June 15 until September 30.
  • P|ART IBIZA, Santa Eulalia: in this showroom and art store, you can find all kinds of exhibitions: photography, painting, sculpture, fashion… This is definitively a must for art lovers in Ibiza.
  • B12 The Gallery: you can find exhibitions by national and international artists in this gallery. This space is also used to host all kinds of cultural events, from fashion shows to live music events.  
  • Lighthouse de Ses Coves Blanques (San Antonio): This is probably one of the most colourful exhibitions on the island. Located in the old lighthouse where you can enjoy a view to San Antonio Bay.
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  • Ventana Contemporary: in this showroom located at Marina Botafoch, we will find many different works by international artists. They also exhibit and sell jewellery.  
  • Outdoor art: In Ibiza, we can find certain spots where we can see different works of art outdoors. At Cala Llentía, one of the most hidden beaches in Ibiza, we can find two amazing samples of outdoor art. The first one is formed by two doors with Arabic patterns placed in front of each other, simulating a room with no walls from where you can see an amazing view of Es Vedrá. A few meters away from it, we can also find “Time and Space”, and impressive work of art made by twelve concrete monoliths that form a circle, followed by another column with a golden tip. This piece belongs to the patron Guy Laliberté (founder of Le Cirque du Soleil).


  1. I would add two masterpieces to visit in Ibiza.
    * Art Project Ibiza (Eivissa)
    * Espacio Micus (Jesus)

    They are beautiful and unique places to spend hours in.


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