From this May 9 to May 12 Ibiza Island will travel through time for one more year by decorating the streets and plazas of Dalt Vila with merchants, artisans, nobles, fakirs, jugglers, puppets, dances, wrestlers…

Don’t miss Ibiza´s Medieval Market: an excellent opportunity to enjoy a different view of the city and get to know its Phoenician, Roman and Arabian past. In this article we will tell you about 5 things you cannot miss on Ibiza’s Medieval Market.

Ibiza’s Medieval Market
Photo: Hugo Garcia

1 Medieval Games on horses: The duel between Knights is definitively one of the most crowded events every year at the Reina Sofía Park.

2 Wrestling and combat exhibitions: Another one of the shows you cannot miss during these days at Sant Pere Bastion.

3 Street Fair: as you already know, the old part of the town will be filled with over 200 food and craft stands for these three days. It won’t be easy to leave the Medieval Market without buying anything.

4 Concerts: make the most out of these days by expanding your musical horizons. Medieval chants, organ or renaissance music concerts… music notes that will take you a few centuries back in time.

5 Theater: The Schedule for Ibiza’s Medieval Market includes theaters and shows for both kids and adults.

Ibiza’s Medieval Market
Photo: Hugo Garcia

Take a look at the entire Schedule for Ibiza’s Medieval Market on the Council’s website.


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