Ibiza Patina was founded in November 2011 as a non-profit organisation. Last February the Roller-Blading Ibiza sports club was formally registered. How did it all begin and how has this group of rollerblading lovers developed since its inception?

We speak to Elina Rastamo and Salvador Clapés, two of the founders of Ibiza Patina and current members of the governing board, so as to find out everything there is to know about this sports club, as they go from strength to strength.

1 How did IBIZA PATINA begin?

Everything began in May 2010 when Elina was left jobless. She had to think about what she wanted to do with her life. She knew a few rollerbladers and started going out rollerblading with them now and again. From there she got the idea getting some professional training and to do so she went to London to get her title as a rollerblading instructor. When she got back to Ibiza, she offered to teach a group of children in the S’Oliviera primary school, and that’s where it all began.

2 Who are your founders and what relationship do they have with rollerblading?

In the very beginning, there were four of us, of which two have retired due to the stress of having to balance their responsibilities with all the rest life was throwing at them. Currently, the board is made up of Salvador Clapés (President and ISITA International accredited roller-blading instructor), Antonio Coronado (Vice-President and ISITA International accredited roller-blading instructor) Elina Rastramo (Member of the board and ICP and ISITA International accredited roller-blading instructor) and Antonio Gonzales.

Ibiza Patina
Salvador Clapés y Elina Rastamo

3 How has Ibiza Patina evolved and has it become well known?

We started out as a group of friends that used to get together and go rollerblading along Botafoch Marina. Little by little, with the help of Social Media and word of mouth (word of mouth being just as important on an island like Ibiza) we managed to get more people to join us. The after-school clubs are what have helped us more than anything else in becoming well known among the smallest of the island. They’re the future of Ibiza Patina and something we’re very proud of. On the other hand the huge uptake in events and races like Passeig a Passeig, Ruta des Porquet and Carrera de la Constitución “John Tunks” have helped us spread the word of our hard work and succeed in having roller-blading viewed as a sport and not simply a leisure time activity.

4 What does Ibiza Patina have going on at the moment?

Every Thursday on Botafoch Marina from 19:00 to 21:00 we have our beginners route to help out all those that are just starting out and want to become familiar with pedestrian crosses, crossroads, going up and down stairs etc… to then go on and get up to an intermediate level.

On Saturdays from 16:– to 18:00 we get together on Can Burgos, (Sa Carrocoa), on a polished cement track which is the delight of any rollerblader. Those who know a little bit about rollerblading are free to come along, but like that, protection is required.

On the other side of things, the Sant Jordi Race is one of the preferred events of the younger rollerbladers. We hold it during the town festivals. Not only a full day of roller-blading but of t-shirt giveaways, food, fruit and refreshments. Sant Josep and Puig d’en Valls have also joined in on these roller-blading marathons, which are growing in size year after year. All of these activities and events are totally free for any who wish to take part.

Ibiza Patina

For those looking for classes, Ibiza Patina provides supports to inline skating instructors, who give after-school classes at various centres throughout the island from Monday to Friday and adult classes on Saturdays. We hope to be able to open up an inline skating and light hockey campus during the 2015 season, which is still in process.

5 How many members do you have in Ibiza Patina?

The facebook group has almost 2036 members. We’ve had in or around 300 students and we’re in the process of attracting official partners.

6 Any funny stories?

Two years ago, during carnival, 10 of us got together to go for a roll, we got dressed up and went to the park square where we had a marioles themed party. We danced in our roller blades and had a great time. One of us took away the first ever prize dressed as Catman. On the same night, we ended up rollerblading in the Pachacha room in the Pacha nightclub.



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