Ibizans, residents of Eivissa and lovers of the Island, this site is for you! Due to the great feedback on our Facebook page, we’ve finally been able to create the first internet site with all the information you need to live, work and have fun in Ibiza.

Ayudaenibiza – Ibiza residents website

It all began one evening in April. After a few beers, a moment of inspiration reached 3 friends, who decided to create a communications channel for everyone on the Island. You see, every year a great number of people arrive at Ibiza with hundreds of CVs in hand and a huge desire to take a bite out of the world, or better said the Island. So, for them and those of you that have been on the Island for some time now, we’ve created this communications network where all contributions are welcomed.

Ibiza: here we go!

We’re well aware that there are many more people like us out there that love Ibiza 365 days of the year.

We love its beaches, its parties, but we also know that Ibiza is so much more than that. Ibiza is our little paradise, where we work, and quite often where we go on holidays too. We love to discover new gems tucked away in the smallest corners, and just like tourists, seek out great leisure time offers. We want to stay abreast of everything that’s going on in the island, and to get in touch with people who want the same as us. If you are looking for an apartment or a job; want to sell or buy a vehicle, or anything else, organize an outdoor sporting event, or just don’t know what to do next weekend in Eivissa and need new ideas … stay tuned, Ayudaenibiza – Ibiza residents website is for you.

Thanks for dropping by. 😉

Translated by: Éamon Heavey


  1. I am a DJ looking for work, however any work that can get me established on the Island is fine. Hope you can help. Many thanks.


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