Don’t miss this one in a lifetime chance the get the absolute most out of the next full moon in Ibiza. Take a trip by Kayak!



Monday 18th at 7:00pm at the end of playa d´en Bossa
Tuesday 19th at 7:30pm at the end of playa d´en Bossa
Wednesday 20th at 8:00pm at the end of playa d´en Bossa


Ibiza by Kayak Under the Full Moon
Photo: Hugo García

Think no more about it. Make a few phone calls, get the family together, friends or surprise your partner with a great “something different” kind of gift, setting off to watch the full moon together by kayak. We’ve talked before about Ascanio Surf School and return to do so once again having headed out with them last month, which thanks to some favourable weather conditions, was conducted under a full moon.

We set off from the end of d’en Bossa beach, where the tower of Sal Rossa rises. From there the canoeists left the light of the city far behind and started navigating by the light of the moon.

Ibiza by Kayak Under the Full Moon
Photo: Hugo García

You begin to appreciate the vastness of Poseidon’s meadows as it extends from the Sal Rossa boathouses, paddling and paddling until you hear nothing but the wave of the ocean lap against the sides of the kayaks. You get the perfect spot to take in the rising of the moon, with it’s impressive orange hue.

If you’ve never done it before you’ll be sure to have fun and maybe even stir up some emotions Topping it all off kayaking is such a simple sport that the excursion can be carried out by complete beginners, no previous experience required.

Ibizan sunsets by kayak

Ibiza by Kayak Under the Full Moon
Photo: Ascanio

If you’re not so into the nightime and you consider yourself more of a day person, or you just can’t make it on the night of a full moon, take a kayak out to take in the sunset. It’s one of the best ways to get into – and fall unforgettably in love with – the sport. A nice warm evening and a circus of colours, Ascanio Surf School takes kayak trips all around the coast of the island. Get a group of friends together and book a private trip or just sign up for the next outing. Get more information here.


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