My dear foreigner: for those of you who’ve had your heart stolen by a native Ibicenco, this post is for you. Here we’ll lay tips for some top class flirting, sure to win the heart of your beloved. The lines will be littered with a hint of humor, a small dose of irony and a handful of stereotyping.

We hope that these lines about how to flirt with an Ibicenco, with some help from the goddess Tanit, will help you with your conquest. 😉

1 “The guys or dry and the women are edgy”

This is one of the most rampant stereotypes about Ibicencos. It is said that the males of the island are dry, and women a little bit edgy. This statement couldn’t be further from the truth. The most recent generation of Ibicenco have grown from a mix of people from different cultures and customs. So: rule number one to flirting with an Ibicenco / a: don’t think they’re all dried up!

2 What do I wear!

If you are on holiday to the island or you are new to Ibiza, you may not yet have noticed that the island boasts a particular dress sense, a style which has spanned decades. Cowboy boots, hats, rings, tassels, esparto baskets, airy dresses … Ibizan fashion is applicable to any type of event, and those who live on the island worry little about dress code. This means that you can go to most clubs in flip flops, and if you really fancy it rock your sequin number some Tuesday. It just doesn’t matter: literally put on the first thing you pull out of the wardrobe, you will never look out of place. One less thing to waste energy on, right?

flirt with an Ibicenco

3 She’s the Boss

You may want to know that the Ibizan families have been matriarchal for hundreds of years. Or to say it another way: the Ibicenco man will always hope for a wife that’ll wear the trousers, although of course, only if they’re fashionable 😉

4 ‘You’re stressing me out’

Surely you remember that ad with the line “you’re stressing me out Man” with that super cool Caribbean accent. Dig it up from the depths of your mind and repeat it as if a mantra. Hopefully this will stop you from ever trying to rush an Ibizan. The island lives at a different pace. Remember this and you will avoid stepping on any toes.

5 By the Ocean Shore, if you Please

You may have thought that on an island as small as Ibiza, where it’s difficult not to see water looking over the horizon, that the people might lose their appreciation for the sea. Well you’d have thought wrong. The Ibizans go crazy at the smell of the wash and the freshness of the sea breeze. For your first date, choose a place outdoors and with beautiful sea views, and if you coincide with the sunset, well sure you’re already half way there.

flirt with an Ibicenco

6 Watch out for the Payeses

Take measure of your words and above all: do not make jokes about Payeses (rural farmer form the Balearic Islands). You know what I mean: that That they must all be dwarves, or that they’re married to their cousin… Just erase all that schoolyard nonsense you think might be funny, and leave the irony to one side. Chances are your jokes won’t sit right with your new friend.

7 Learn some words in ibicenco

The ibicenco (or Eivissenc) is a linguistic variety of Catalan that is spoken in the Pitiusas islands. It’s all right to try to learn some phrases. You will surprise your “churri” and soften her heart. We all appreciate those who take interest in our culture and traditions. So get start brushing up on your Ibicenco now! 😉

8 Getting to know their family

If you have applied the tips above, you probably have managed to camelarte the heart of your ibicenc @. Now comes the true baptism of fire: meeting her family. It is likely that your in-laws will be called Toni, Joan, Neus, Agnes … and that their surnames are likely Torres, Marí, Tur, Bonet, Clapés (sometimes, twice) …

Do not be surprised when her grandmother starts looking you up and down. She just wants to check out the quality of the material grandchild is bringing round. It’s all part of the ritual and after that you just have to show how much you love Ibizan food. So you better go hungry and ask for seconds whenever possible. It is more than likely that the family meal will stretch from lunch to dinner, and lets not forget dessert. Now, here’s one final tip for your in laws: never refuse a shot of herbal or frigate, and don’t put on a bad face when drinking Payesan wine. We know that it’s a bit strong, but like everything, you’ll get used to it.

flirt with an Ibicenco

9 The Benefits of Having a partner from Ibiza

If you manage to overcome the dreaded test of the family dinner, it’s safe to say that things are going well. The relationship is gaining pace, and you will soon see the plethora of pros to dating an Ibizan. You will begin to discover incredible places: inaccessible beaches, authentic chiringuitos … You won’t miss a single must see party and you will make all the right connections, getting into discos or getting a table in any fashionable restaurant. And if you’re lucky and your partner’s family “has land,” you’ll finally find out what real tomatoes taste like.

Original text by: Alba Garcia


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