Getting fit again is one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions we make each year. Ah good way of keeping this promise to yourself is to join a gym, to ease yourself back into the sporty way of doing things. There are a great number of gyms in Ibiza. Would you know which one to join? In this article we highlight a number of these facilities.

Bfit Ibiza Sports Club: It offers some of the best sporting facilities in Ibiza. Swimming pool, spa, padel court, Pilates studio, and more than 450 instructor led classes each month. Those who join Bfit Ibiza will have no excuse for getting into shape.

Gyms in Ibiza – Bfit Ibiza prices: The prices vary according to your needs we recommend you to approach to the club for more information.

Address: Calle Metge Domingo Nicolau Balançat, Sector 4, 07800 Eivissa, Illes Balears

Telephone: 971 80 68 85


Gyms in Ibiza
Photo: Bfit Ibiza

Fraile: with sporting facilities in Ibiza, San Antonio and Santa Eulalia, Fraile is the largest Gym group in Ibiza, Offering as a main benefit the convenience of allowing their members to enter into all of their centres. Its’ opening hours are from 7 am to 11 pm (9 am to 11 pm weekends), and within its offer there are a wide variety of group activities.

Gyms in Ibiza – Fraile price, €365 annual subscription. Month by month price €55. Find out what other offers are available in any one of the Fraile gyms.

Address: Carrer d’Aragó, 94, 07800 Eivissa, Illes Balears

Telephone: 971 30 75 32


Gyms in Ibiza
Photo: Fraile Ibiza

Nirvana: it’s one of the most well furnished and economically priced gyms for the residents of Ibiza. The gym group is made up of two centres (One in San Jordi and another right in front of d’en Bossa beach. In the San Jordi gym, as well as offering a large training space, they have instructor led classes.

Gyms in Ibiza – Nirvana prices for pairs is €190 per person. However, the gym also offers trimester prices, monthly and daily rates.

Address: Calle Algarb, 8, 07800 Playa den Bossa, Illes Balears

Telephone: 971 39 43 71


Gyms in Ibiza
Photo: Nirvana Ibiza

Bodyforming Ibiza: Motor recruitment is much higher than conventional training. Those in a dire need of spare time will find their alternative to the traditional gym in Bodyforming Ibiza. A revolutionary method of electro muscular stimulation, lasting from as little as 15 minutes, will give the user the equivalent of 5 hours of conventional muscle building. Many elite athletes have long used it as a complement in their workouts.

Gyms in Ibiza – Bodyforming Ibiza pricesfor the weekly sessions pack starts at €65 a month. Get more info on prices here.

Address: Carrer de Vicente Cuervo, 16, 07800 Eivissa, Illes Balears

Telephone: 971 93 14 27


Gyms in Ibiza
Photo: BodyForming Ibiza

Isla Blanca Crossfit: the crossfit craze has got into Ibiza, and it has no shortage of followers. Isla Bla Blanca Crossfit is the first Crossfit Box affiliated gym to open on the island. The trainings are short, varied and great motivation. Sessions are always supervised by a qualified trainer, and participants are quick to comment on how rapid the loss of weight.

Gyms in Ibiza – Isla Blanca Crossfit pricesfor two classes a week are €45 monthly, three classes a week from €54 monthly, 4 classes a week from €63 a month. Unlimited access from €67.50 monthly. Price based on 12 monthly payments. Look for other offers at

Address: Carrer del Músic Rafel Zornoza, 3, 07800 Eivissa, Illes Balears


Gyms in Ibiza
Photo: CrossFit Isla Blanca

Ibiza Country club: The Country Club contains a smaller gym open to its members and also to visitors.

Gyms in Ibiza – pricesfor non-members €5 for a session/instructor led activity. Prices for non-country club members from €40 monthly. More information at This link.

Address: Carretera Aeropuerto, 5, 07817 Aeroport d’Eivissa, Illes Balears

Telephone: 971 30 00 88


Gyms in Ibiza
Photo: Ibiza Club de Campo
But in Ibiza there´s different ways of doing sports, one of the most pleasant is Water Sports; enjoy the turquoise water, spectacular scenery and great weather. What are you waiting for !

Original text by: Alba Garcia


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