Tacos, fajitas, alambres, quesadillas… Gave Mx restaurant brings the best of Mexican culinary culture to Ibiza. The home-made and delicious flavour of all their dishes and the kind and close service from all their staff are their signature marks. They are also the main reason why we admit being fully hooked to Gave Mx.

Gave Mx

TELEPHONE – 603 239 512

EMAIL – info@gavemx.com

WEB – gavemx.com

ADDRESS– Plaza de Antoni Albert i Nieto, Ibiza


 € € € € €



July, August & September

Open everyday



Monday to Sunday

19:30 to 00:00




October to June

Monday closed



Tuesday to Friday 19:30 to 23:00

Saturday & Sunday

13:30 to 16:00 – 19:30 to 23:00


– Because of their delicious Mexican dishes, among which we highlight their tacos selection.

– Because of their irresistible XXL margaritas.

– Because of the affordable prices of all their menu.

– Because of the kindness and close attention offered by their staff. They truly make you feel at home!

Yaiza and Rogelio run Gave Mx. After completing their hotel management training, they both decided to travel around the world working at the most varied restaurants in order to learn and acquire a full knowledge of an amalgam of cultures that a few years later would lead them to the creation of Gave Mx. Thus, in 2015 was born Gave Mx at Abel Matutes Juan Avenue of Ibiza. Because the best person who could bring “the true Mexican taste” to the island is chef Rogelio Corral, from Durango (Mexico), and whose greatest passion has always been cooking.

Gave Mx

Since its creation, Yaiza’s and Rogelio’s desire has been to bring the style and flavour of traditional Mexican cuisine to all those who are willing to sit at one of the wooden tables of their restaurant. All this while paying special attention to the details and decoration. They designed and decorated the place themselves, and it will take you to the atmosphere of traditional Mexican canteens: its music, its smell of spices and corn, and of course, its margaritas, tequila and mezcal.

True Mexican flavour

In the Gave Mx’s menu we find fun and really delicious dishes, such as the volcano, Mazatlan style shrimp aguachile, chipotle sauce chicken or enmoladas, and, of course, other classic dishes from Mexican cuisine, such as tacos (there are 10 different types), quesadillas or totopos with guacamole. Gave Mx is the perfect Mexican restaurant for those who want to have a treat with the most emblematic dishes from Mexico, or those who prefer to let themselves be carried along with other still unknown flavours.

Also, Gave Mx’s menu includes options for everyone to enjoy the best of Mexican cuisine. Therefore, it offers countless vegan options (tacos al pastor with textured soy, tacos a la poblana, the flower of Jamaica tacos…) and most of their dishes are gluten-free, which makes them perfect for celiac or intolerant diners.

No matter what you choose, we recommend matching it with a delicious margarita. You will be able to choose from different flavours (lemon, strawberry…). A fun aspect about Gave Mx is that you can order individual, XL or XXL margaritas, depending on how many people come with you. A MASSIVE glass of a refreshing margarita will be served in your table. Can you handle it? If you prefer, you can also choose one of their Mexican beers or a michelada (a typical Mexican drink made of beer with lemon, salt, tabasco and other condiments which, oddly enough, make a really good combination).

Flavour, quality… and great prices

Despite the quality and delicious flavour of all their dishes, prices on the menu are completely affordable to everyone. The menu includes a highlight with different options to share, such as “Taco Mix”, which is perfect for two people and includes small casseroles to choose three different tacos and another dish, whether an alambre, choriqueso or champiqueso, for just €24,50. Or the tasting menu (€30 per person with a drink), for those who want to have a real culinary treat (five dishes and three desserts). Also, stay tuned because Gave Mx posts many special difficult-to-refuse offers on their Facebook and Instagram pages.

“Taco Truck”: events with Mexican character

If you want to organize a private event and, like us, you are a true tacos enthusiast, “taco truck” is your choice. Gave Mx has a food truck that carries their delicious tacos and other Mexican treats wherever you want. You can ask a price quote at the restaurant or on their webpage.

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