If you found the first instalment of FAQs living in Ibiza interesting, here you have the 2nd part of our take on “Ibiza for Dummies” a few more questions that every man and his dog looking for work in Ibiza finds himself asking at some point.

Following next 4 FAQs Living in Ibiza

1 What are the wages like in Ibiza?

At some point, you’ve probably heard that in Ibiza they get paid a lot more than in the rest of Spain. So as not to disappoint you straight off the bat we’ll say that this isn’t completely untrue, There are however a few ifs and buts. If you come to work in Ibiza during the holiday season you’ll probably earn double what you’d earn elsewhere in the peninsula for similar types of work, but as you might have guessed working seasonally brings with it a few inconveniences. One of these is the hours you’re expected to work. Working your typical 8 hours you’re not going to make a fortune, and in any case, your contract will probably look for a lot more from you on a daily basis.

Many jobs don’t offer a day off (we’re mostly talking about bar work, restaurant work, nightclubs, pubs etc. in some others you might get one day off. There’s no one who gets two days off) Also, getting more days off a week is clearly going to impact on your wage packet at the end of the month. Think also about how expensive it is to relocate yourself to the island for 3 to five months, not to mention the general cost of living in Ibiza. Taking all this into account will lead you to one simple conclusion, they pay you more in Ibiza than the rest of Spain but no one gives you the money for free.

FAQs living in Ibiza

2 What jobs the most sought-after jobs in Ibiza?

We might not have too much to teach you here that you don’t already know. The most sought-after jobs are, for the most part, in tourism and hospitality, music, fashion and image in general. The last on our list is its own micro-universe: Dancers, public relations, image ambassadors, reps and hostesses… the possibilities here are almost endless. Health is another sector that sees an increase in vacancies during the summer months. There’s a need for more doctors, nurses, dentists, assistants and pharmacists… every sector sees an increase in job offerings in the summer: shop assistants, childminders and au pairs, boat hands… take a look at this article if you need some help finding work in Ibiza.

3 How much does it cost to rent a house in Ibiza?

Finding accommodation is the most difficult part of any first timer’s stay in Ibiza. The worst mistake you can make is to go looking for a house after the month of May. It’d be a miracle if you were to find anything after these dates, with the season having got into full swing. Take our word for it, the sooner you start to look for accommodation the better chance you’ll have of finding somewhere ‘decent’. You’ll see that until March you’ll have plenty of choices and from then on you won’t believe how quickly the flats, houses etc. get snapped up (or how much the landlords put up the cost of accommodation).

The price will depend mainly on the area you’re looking at (and of course on the state of the place). If you’re looking to live alone it’ll be impossible to get a studio apartment for less than €500/ Month, but if you’d be willing to share your accommodation you might get somewhere for between €250 and €400 (don’t be surprised if you find places for even higher, because there are) among the most economical areas to live in you can include Santa Eulalia del Río and San Antonio de Portmany (especially around Cala Bou and Ses Paises).

4 How does the weather effect Ibiza?

The island of Ibiza changes drastically in line with the changes of season. This is why it goes from the point of overwhelming in the summer (in terms of the number of people) to the polar opposite in winter. Obviously, the demand for workers is affected greatly due to this, as are the number of houses on the market, growing much greater in number and at a far more reasonable price in autumn and winter. Life in Ibiza is governed by its own climate, but don’t be worried, you’ll soon see how easy it is to enjoy both scenarios.

FAQs living in Ibiza

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Original text by Alba Garcia


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