Es Ventall is a gastronomic oasis located in the heart of Sant Antonio de Portmany. If you ever wondered how does the authentic Ibizan cuisine from the 21st-century taste, you will find out at Es Ventall. Bon profit!

Es Ventall

TELEPHONE – 871 231 200



ADDRESS – Plaza de Antoni Albert i Nieto, Ibiza


 € €  € €



From April to November

Closed on February and March


Monday Tuesday and Thursday

19:00 to 00:00

Friday Saturday and Sunday
13:00 to 16:00 & 19:30 to 23:30

Wednesday closed



November, December, January

Closed on February and March


Thursday, Friday and Saturday

13:00 to 16:00 & 19:30 to 23:30

13:00 to 16:30 

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday closed


– The friendly treatment offered by the entire Bonet Cardona family and the rest of the team. It is nice to see them work!

– The uniqueness and flavor of their recipes; they never cease to surprise us.

– Their tasting menú.

–  Their homemade bread, especially the one with carob.

– STheir deserts are DE-LI-CIOUS!

With a history of almost four decades, Es Ventall is amazing for different reasons, especially because they offer a wide selection of traditional Ibizan dishes which have been adapted to today’s demands. Miguel Bonet and Antonia Cardona started this restaurant in June 1982. Their children, Marilina, Pepita, and José Miguel grew up in the restaurant where they now work. José Miguel and Pepita are in charge of the kitchen, Marilina is in charge of the service area, and Antonia also works as a waitress. Miguel, the father, was in charge of the stoves of Es Ventall for decades. Although he retired a few years ago, you can still find him guiding his team to make sure everything is running smoothly in the family restaurant.

Es Ventall

Es Ventall: Ibizan cuisine from the 21st century

The gastronomic concept at Es Ventall is about offering a 100% Ibizan cuisine, based on local products, which are either brought directly from the Bonet Cardona family orchard, or they are bought from local producers. The traditional recipes, cooked with firewood have now acquired a modern touch, thanks to the imagination of José Miguel Bonet and his team. They have reinterpreted the cornerstones of the Ibizan cuisine by using new techniques or different cooking points, while always respecting the traditions.

The menu of the restaurant changes according to the seasonal products, however, some dishes, like the sobrassada stuffed squid, the pig’s trotters with sea cucumber and smoked eggplants, or the ventresca de sirvia with avocado and escalivada, are some of the classics which usually stay on the menu throughout the year, along with a wide variety of rice dishes, another specialty at the restaurant. Foodies would really enjoy the tasting menu; for 65 euros per person, they get to try the best selection of Es Ventall dishes. It is important to leave room for the deserts, as they are one of the restaurant’s biggest surprises.

One of Es Ventall’s keys to success has definitively been their way of evolving and adapting themselves to the new trends of modern cuisine. This was mainly due to the generational succession; the three brothers have brought a modern touch to the kitchen, and to the service itself. Speaking of modernity, at Es Ventall they have also remodelled their facilities with the objective of adapting their space to their culinary concept. This means that the old country house where Es Ventall’s kitchen and dining room are located now offers more comfort to its visitors with a 100% Ibizan decor, combining materials such as stone, wood, and crystal, with portraits of the Bonet Cardona family hanging on their walls. During summer nights, you can visit Es Ventall’s terrace where there is an old fig tree: the perfect setting for a special dinner.

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