Continuing on along the coast from the town of Santa Eulalia we come across the townland of Es Canar (Es Caná), outlined by a picturesque little beach made up of a very fine sand.

Es Canar
Photo: Irene Arango

Es Canar it’s very well sheltered thanks to its almost horseshoe shape, this making it an ideal beach for young families. Its perhaps receives more tourists than any other beach in the area, thanks in part to the wise selection of bars and restaurants, as well as the many water sports it offers.


Dimensions: Length 350 m. Width 35 m.

Facing: South-east.

Land: Fine natural sand.

Sea-floor: Sand. Low depth with smooth progression.

Environment: Urban, tourist.

Of interest: It has different restaurants and bars around the beach.

How to get to Es Canar?:

In the link below you will find more than 50 beaches that make up the entire coastline of Ibiza island: Ibiza from Beach to Beach.

Photos: Irene Arango


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