Cala Olivera is a small virgin beach, which due to its complicated entry, isn’t often spoilt by the hustle of tourism, allowing for a peaceful retreat.

Cala Olivera it’s surrounded by rocks and pine trees and is frequented by nudists. Its boasts a charming little beach bar, where you’ll get fried fish at a reasonable price.

Cala Olivera
Photos: Irene Arango


Dimensions: Length  50 m. Width 10 m.

Facing: South.

Land: Mix of fine sand and gravel.

Sea-floor: Rocky with sea-weed areas.

Environment: Natural.

Of interest: Complicated access, there is a restaurant during the season. It is recommended to come with water shoes to enjoy the bath without the rocks being a problem.

How to get to Cala Olivera?:

Cala Olivera
Photos: Irene Arango

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Photos: Irene Arango


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