Cala Llonga is one the best natural ports that the east of the island of Ibiza has to offer. The idyllic beach of white sandy beaches is completely surrounded by sand dunes and pine trees transforming the whole thing into a breath-taking landscape.

It’s a beach of great width, which thankfully allows its inhabitants to have a genuinely relaxing experience indifferent to the vast number of bathers it receives. On top of Cala Llonga, the area boasts the smaller cove of Sol d’en Serra, famous for housing the restaurant, Amante, found on top of the cliff.

Cala Llonga
Photos: Irene Arango


Dimensions: Length  190 m. Width  100 m.

Facing: East

Land: Light fine sand of light color.

Sea-floor: Sand with some rocky areas. Low depth with smooth progression

Environment: Residential, tourist.

Of interest: It is a beach with plenty of leisure.

How to get to Cala Llonga?:

In the link below you will find more than 50 beaches that make up the entire coastline of Ibiza island: Ibiza from Beach to Beach.


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