Of all the beaches on the island, Cala Boix holds the title of the sole beach made up of Black sand. It is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular sceneries of the east coast of Ibiza.

This cove is overlooked by a pine forest which combines with that of the beach to form a spectacular landscape. The seldom influx of tourists means it makes an ideal beach for a peaceful and relaxing break from it all.

Cala Boix
Foto: Hugo García


Dimensions: Length  120 m. Width  15 m.

Facing: Northest.

Land: Very fine lead-colored sand.

Sea-floor: Sand with low depth and smooth progression.

Environment: Natural.

Of interest: The only black sandy beach in Ibiza, you can find different gastronomic offers.

How to get to Cala Boix?:

In the link below you will find more than 50 beaches that make up the entire coastline of Ibiza island: Ibiza from Beach to Beach.

Photos: Irene Arango


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