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Cultural guide of Ibiza ¿Qué Hago Hoy?,  has selected the best activities and plans to do in Ibiza during February. If you wish to be up to date on what to do in Ibiza take a look at the digital edition of ¿Qué Hago Hoy?

Day: 01/02

Time: 21h30

Event: El Cine Regio San Antoni will host the second edition of Zinètic, a place where cinema lovers can share a debate while enjoying alternative titles with a strong narrative that are brave and adult, risk-taking and have excellent esthetics. They will screen the movie “El sacrificio de un ciervo sagrado” (The Killing of a Sacred Deer, U.K. – 2017) by Yorgos Lanthimos. Steven is a proficient surgeon who is married to Anna, a renown ophthalmologist. They live happily with their two children, Kim and Bob. When Steven becomes friends with Martin, a 16-year-old orphan boy and decides to protect him, the story takes a sinister turn. They will screen the original version with subtitles. Ticket price: 5€.

Day: 10/02

Time: 21h30

Event: Can Pou Bar. Live music nights are back to Can Pou Bar. This time Xiringuito a Groenlàndia invites you to enjoy a performance by Together + a surprise group. Together is more a family than a group. They play beautiful and mysterious songs from a remote booth lost near a small lagoon in North of Mallorca. A very personal vision, with impressive vocals and original music, full of shades and secrets. Ticket price: 5€.

Day: 10/02

Time: 20h00

Event: At Teatro España you can enjoy a delightful comedy: “Te he dejado un pollo en el horno” (“I have left a chicken in the oven for you”), directed by the company María Casal (Madrid) for 8€. Thirteen stories for three actresses; four short plays and eight monologues. Twelve crazy situations, an impossible radio interview, a crazy woman unleashed, two freaks who are not aware of themselves, a woman so smart that has no idea what she is talking about, a heroine, a lady thief, a bad guy who lives on the internet and a final act from the distant future. The location for the show is subject to changes. Check through:

Día: 11/02

Time: 13h00

Event: Santa Eulalia. Join Rock’n’bars, an authentic bar tour with live music through downtown Santa Eulalia. It is a musical event which started four years ago and its main goal is to help local bands to gain more exposure, and to boost the renovation of local bars in Santa Eulalia, who get a chance to show their gastronomy with their pinchos. It is a free activity!

Day: 17/02

Time: 21h00

Event: Can Ventosa. Don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy the dance show “La casa de Bernarda Alba” (“The House of Bernarda Alba) by María Teresa Rojas. The first part of the show includes music, singing and dancing flamenco, concert piano and lyrical singing. The second part is a musical play inspired on Federico García Lorca´s “La Casa de Bernarda Alba”. A drama about women in Andalucía. The price is yet to be set.

Day: 23/02

Time: 19h00

Event: Districte Hiperbole. A nationally renowned reading club is coming to Ibiza for the second time. This feminist reading club is set to create a relaxed space to discuss a series of books selected by Carmen G. de la Cueva, founder of La Tribu, a cutting-edge literature and feminism blog in vogue right now. This month they will talk about the book “Quién quiere ser madre” (“Who wants to be a mother”) by Silvia Nanclares. It will be presented by poet and translator Annalisa Marí. Free activity. Sign up through 971391769.

Day: 24/02

Time: 19h00

Event: Can Ventosa. The Company Ibiza Broadway presents “Dirty Dancing”, the movie. It will include a dynamic format with animation and live performances synchronized with the images on the screen. Johnny Castle is an expert dancing teacher; Baby Houseman is a naïve teenager. They meet on a summer at Kellerman’s hotel and even though they come from different social backgrounds, when the music plays and they dance to Dirty Dancing, the differences between them seem to disappear. You can sing and dance from your sits, and of course, fun is guaranteed. Dubbed version with the songs in its original version and karaoke subtitles. The price is yet to be set.

activities and plans

What to do in Ibiza? Do not miss the opportunity to stay up to date on all the activities and plans to do in Ibiza, check out the digital edition of¿Qué Hago Hoy?


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