Atzaró Spring Party, which as every year it starts the season in Ibiza, is finally here!

As the tradition commands, on the first Spring’s Sunday Atzaró’s AGROTURISMO dresses with flowers and offers us a great selecction of live music, craft market, food and drink stands…
Atzaró Spring Party
Photo: Atzaró’s Agroturismo Ibiza


March 26th from 12:00 PM. If you’ve been living in Ibiza or if you are new on the island, you can’t miss the biggest event of the season to say ‘goodbye’ to winter and welcome the sun and the good vibes of the White Island.


Atzaró’s Agroturismo gardens will see all kinds of people. Everybody is welcome to the spring party! Families, kids, young and old people, residents, turists, workers, bohemians, artists, musicians, couples, groups of friends, pets…

 What will it be?

The event will have over 15 artists, and the best of it it’s: there won’t be any private room. Besides, there will be activities for kids, gastronomic and holistic workshops, art exhibitions, a buffet, and different food and drink stands, performances, Dj’s and over 15 live concerts…

 How to get?

 Spring’s Party will have free buses for everyone attending the event. They’ll depart from Palacio de los Congresos de Santa Eulalia, Recinto Ferial de Ibiza and San Lorenzo, from 12PM until 2PM. No doubt it’s the best and safest way to arrive.

Getting in the party

The biggest new of 2017 is that, aiming to avoid problems and guarantee everyone’s enjoyment, there will be limited capacity.
TICKETS: Atzaró Spring Party
You can buy your ticket online on Atzaró’s web and avoid the queues. The tickets are 15€, 5 of which go to Atzaró’s Fundraising. The ticket includes a food and drink consumition (valued in 10€). People younger than 18 years old won’t have to pay if they come with an adult.
Atzaró Spring Party
Photo: Atzaró’s Agroturismo Ibiza
Original text by: Alba Garcia


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